Dancing flames

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Chapter 7

Lev’s POV

It’s been 3 days from the rogues attack . They have started attacking more frequently and in groups which frankly doesn’t make sense . Rogues don’t do groups or leaders . Mostly rogues are wolves who have lost their mates or have been kicked out of their pack for some reason .

Its been 2 years since my Alpha ceremony and they have been hectic.

Hey Lev ! Come to the border . There is something you have to see .

That’s my Beta or second in command. His name is Cage Stilson and he is my best friend. His voice sounds panicked and that causes a feeling of unease in me . Cage is a very calm guy and hardly anything startled him .

I’ll be there I say

Something’s wrong my wolf Chase says

Can you mind link Rylan? I ask him

Cage’s wolf ? Chase asks me

Yes I say

I can’t get a hold of him !

What the hell do you mean I ask

I can’t reach him you dumbass !

Fine we’ll just run there I decide

At the border ...

“ Cage ? “ I call

“Here Alpha Levstorm !” comes Cage’s voice .

I come to a gathering where a horrifying sight meets my eyes . A woman is lying on the ground with her head separated from her body and a huge gnash on her stomach. She has claw marks on her back .

“ Oh my moon goddess “ I say softly

“ What the hell happened here “ I ask

“ No one knows and she’s no werewolf “ Cage answers

“ Are you telling me that she is a human ? “ I ask shocked

“ I am afraid so Alpha . Our patrol found her this morning and contacted me . We have to get rid of this “ he says

“ Yes . Get rid of the body . I’ll ask my father for his opinion “ I order

“ Yes Alpha “ everyone says

I run to the pack house , shift and mindlink my father to come at once to my office .

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