Dancing flames

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Chapter 8

Alex’s POV

We reached a beautiful house that was surrounded by gardens . We get out and my jaw drops to the floor . The interior is a stunning but homey honey colour. It’s ceiling is super high and I’m pretty sure that Jay is gonna dash on the stairs after taking this in .

About two min minutes later Jay dashes to the stairs. So predictable! While we are gaping at the magnificent interior, my dear twin brother is smirking and my parents are laughing their asses off .

“ This is your house ?” I ask in awe

“ No we just brought you guys here for fun . Of its our house “ Jake says sarcastically.

“The look on your face though. Priceless!” My dad gasps between laughs .

My cheeks flush .

“ Is there something to eat ? I’m starving! “ Jay says .

“ Jayden Nathaniel Starr manners !! “ I scold him

“ Its Black sweetheart Jayden Nathaniel Black “ my mom corrects me .

“Am I supposed to say that with Black again? “ I ask as everyone bursts out laughing. They were laughing at every little thing.

It gave me a sense of happiness.

Mia’s POV

“Is she here ? “ I ask the pack’s second in command or beta .

“Yes Luna . The witch is in your office “ he answers and bows .

“You may go “ I say

In the office ..

“Sasha ? “ I ask softly.

“Mia ? Is that you ? “ my bestie asks hesitantly.

Sasha is a witch . But a good one and my best friend . Her mate is a wolf which is how we met . She is caring and beautiful.

“Sasha ! It’s been so long ! “ I say while hugging her .

“ It has ! What’s the matter Mia ? The beta said you needed my help .” She asks

“You know my daughter and son who were stolen from me ? “ I ask softly

“Yes Alexandria Victoria Black and Jayden Nathaniel Black “ she says

“ That’s right . I have finally found them after 17 years . But they have a glamour on them and I was wondering if you could remove it ? “ I ask

“ Of course I will remove it “ she says smiling softly.

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