Dancing flames

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Chapter 9

James’s POV

17 years earlier

Two redheads burst in my office laughing their heads off . I pick my twins up and they start laughing again . It’s perfect life . My Luna delivered a baby boy yesterday in perfect health. The twins Alexandria and Jacob are dying to meet their baby brother.

“ Dada wher iw babby brothewe? “ they ask me in their cute little bubbly baby voices . They speak together and sometimes it creeps me out .

“ Mama is taking care of your baby brother “ I tell them . And they start giggling.

I am the most feared Alpha in the world but around my family and these two rascals I am a big old ice cream .

“ Dada we wove babby brothewe “ they chime in again . The twin telepathy thing again .

“Let’s go and see mama and baby brother then “ I tell them as they squeal .

“Morning Alpha “ the pack members greet me as I greet them back .

My wife and mate Amelia was feeding a small baby some milk .

Our pup ! Protect pup !

That’s my wolf Dom .

“Of course I’ll protect him “ I assure him .

“Mia the twins are here “ I call out .

My mate looks towards me giving me a tired but bright smile . “ Come on in . He’s waiting to be introduced to his family “ she says lovingly looking at our pup . My chest swells with pride .

“Mama ! “ the twins call out before running to her.

“ Mama don’t let dada cook . He butnt toast yesterday ! “ my daughter whines .

Mia laughs while saying “ You burnt toast! That’s one of the most difficult things to burn ! How did you manage to mess that up ? “

“ I uh got uh distracted “ I mumble

“Momma dada isw horwibble cook “ my son chimes in . At this Mia bursts out laughing . Honestly those two rascals !!

“ Momma babby brothewe is cute “ the twins say together.

At that my Beta rushes in yelling rogues . I growl softly. I don’t want my twins to see me angry .

“ Where ?” I ask him

“Border “ he says

“Where is Gamma Holton? Tell him to protect the Luna at all costs ! “ I order

“Yes Alpha “ he says and his eyes go glossy. Mind linking I presume .

My twins in the meantime have gone over to their mother and baby brother in a protective stance .

“We protect mama and baby brother “ they say in clear voices .

I can’t help but feel intensely proud of them both .

“Alright twins I’ll leave their safety to you “ I say

After the rogue attack

A lot of the warriors are hurt but my family is safe . Thank the moon goddess for that .

2 year old Alex’s POV

“Jakey we help them “ I tell my brother.

“Buw how Dria “ my twin asks

Then our faces light up as we both say “we heaw (heal ) them ! “

We run up to the Beta of our pack and take his hands and form a triangle . We close our eyes as our hands begin glowing softly. Mama gasps as we finish healing his wounds .

“We go help others “ we tell them

James’s POV

They healed him . I can’t believe it . My twins healed my Beta and are now helping other injured people.

“ I’m so proud of them “ Mia says softly

“Me too Mia me too “ I say shocked

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