Dancing flames

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Chapter 10

James’s POV

I came home from my daily patrol . I called out for Mia but she didn’t answer. Feeling uneasy I advanced to our room . A horrible sight met my eyes . My mate was lying in a pool of blood which looked like her own . I ran to her side and checked for a pulse .

Help mate ! Save her !

My wolf screamed at me . Fortunately she had a pulse . I carried her directly to the infirmary and ordered the pack doctors to save her at all costs .

I went to check on the twins . I saw Jake crying in his bed .

“Jake ! What’s wrong my little wolf “ I ask him

“Bad man took Dria! I want Dria dada “ he sobbed

I paled , picking Jake up I practically ran to Jayden’s nursery where i saw an empty cot . I felt like my world had been torn apart .

Find pup !

Dom sounded desperate so helpless. I put Jake back to his bed after he cried himself to sleep .

My wolf wanted a release and complete control and I gave him that .

Present time ...

Mia’s POV

Sasha came near my daughter and son exclaiming about how they had grown and how beautiful they had become. She then told them to take a deep breath as bringing back their original selves and memories was going to hurt . A minute later their screams rang out in the air .

My heart broke at the sight of them screaming. I immediately rushed to them comforting them . James looked crushed . And Jake looked broken at the sight of his twin and baby brother screaming in pain .

After about 5 minutes of pure torture I saw my daughter and son . Both had red hair like James and Jake with freckles on their faces . Alex’s eyes were emerald green like Jake’s and Jay’s were blue like mine . They were so beautiful!

They are so beautiful

My wolf Stacy coos . “ They are “ I agree .

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