Dancing flames

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Chapter 11

Alex’s POV

After 5 min of intense pain it was finally over . Memories flooded my brain . Of my brother , my mother, my father , the happy days . Tears ran down my cheeks without me even realising it . Jake put his arms around me as did everyone else . But there was one person who I didn’t recognise. He had red hair and blue eyes . He looked so familiar.

“ Who is that ? “ the red head and I asked at the same time . Pointing to me Jake said “that’s Alex “ and pointing to the boy he said “Jayden “ .

“You are Alex !!! “ Jayden said dumbly .

“ Yes smartass but what happened to you ? “ I ask rolling my eyes at his childish behaviour.

“What do you mean what happened to me ? You should say what happened to you ? “ Jayden snorts .

I look into the mirror and find a gorgeous model staring back at me . She has waist length beautiful red hair and stunning emerald green eyes . I gasp .

“That’s me ?!??” I ask in total shock .

“Yeah you don’t look in the mirror and see someone else do you ? “ Jake asks sarcastically.

“Cheeky!” I say while slapping him on the head .

“Ow what the fuck ?” He whines .

“Language young man !!” Mia scolds . Yes I still call her Mia I am not yet comfortable with calling her mom and she’s fine with it .

I smirk at his scowling face .

Meanwhile Jayden is checking himself out in the mirror.

“I just got more handsome “ he said complimenting himself .

“Wow Jay your ego just got bigger than my future “ I say as he pretends to clutch his heart in pain . What a drama queen!! Everyone else burst out laughing.

And my dad is also hosting a party in honour of us coming back home . So sweet!

Lev’s POV

“Alpha Levstorm we have an invitation from the Blood Moon Pack . In honour of their lost children coming back home “ Cage announced

“ Oh the poor man finally found them . That’s good . Lev we must go , James is a good friend of mine and I haven’t seen him in ages . “ my father says .

“Alright we’ll go “ I say

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