Dancing flames

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Chapter 12

At the party

Alex’s POV
It was party time and my mum had literally made me sit down for 3 hours to get ready . 3 hours !! I honestly don’t like to doll up for people but I complied for her sake . She was so excited that it was contagious !

She dressed me up in a mid-thigh green dress to bring out my eyes and compliment my hair . She braided my hair into a waterfall braid and did some light make up and went for a more natural look .

I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped. I looked absolutely gorgeous! I went down to the party . It was an informal party and everyone was having fun. Jay came over wearing a light blue shirt and grey pants .

“ You don’t look too bad Jay “ I tease him .

“You look beautiful and thanks for complimenting me as well “ he said sarcastically.

Jake came over with a girl literally all over him .

“Hey Jake “ I greet him .

“Who is this Jakey poo ? “ a high pitched voice chimed in .

Jake gave her an exasperated look and Jay stifled a laugh at the sickly sweet nickname .

I took a good look at her . Her face was caked with makeup and her tits were almost bursting out of the dress . Fake I guessed. She had blonde hair and she was wearing tacky red lipstick . Don’t get me wrong I love red but on her it looked tacky .

All in all she looked like a
someone who cared only for money and status and her face screamed bitch .

“Right Brittany this is Alex . Alex this is Brittany “ Jake said in a tired voice.

“I’m his mate and who are you “ she said with a fake smile .

“You are not my mate !! How many times do I have to tell you ? “ Jake said

I watched in amusement before saying “I’m his twin sister and I don’t like you . Also stop troubling my brother or I will personally make your life hell “ I say clearly and danger dropping from every word .

She looked sacred and practically ran away. My brother looked bewildered and Jay was smirking at me .

“How the fuck did you do that ? I have been trying for 4 years to get rid of her and you do it in 4 seconds! What the hell ? “ Jake demanded

“That bitch had been pestering you for 4 years ?! “ I ask laughing

“Yes it’s so annoying! She has slept with almost every unmated male ! “ he said
“Listen big bro. She has been chasing my crazy ex girlfriend for 2 years now . So she has experience in this kind of matter . “ Jay informs Jake .
Jake’s has drops to the floor .

Suddenly a wonderful smell of chocolate and peppermint hits my nose . I look around for the source and I look at the most handsome and hot guy I have seen in my whole life . He is about 6’7 foot tall with dirty blonde hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen .
He suddenly spots me and his face lights up .

Mate ! Mate ! Mate !

Blaze started screaming in my ear .

What the hell does mate mean ! I didn’t get much time to think about it as he comes closer and picks me up and twirls me around. His smile is so contagious that I laugh and smile back at him

“Mate” he says brightly .

Lev’s POV

We reach the party and chat around for a bit before a glorious smell hits my nose . I look around and see the most gorgeous and hottest girl I have seen in my life . She smells of mint and berries .
Mate ! Mate ! Mate !

Chase screams in my head . I smile brightly and make my way towards her . Once I reach her I pick her up and twirl her around smiling at her all the time . She is light as a feather . She laughs and smiles back at me . Her smile is to die for .

“Mate” I say brightly.

She looks confused which is cute as fuck .
“What does that mean “ she asks . Another boy comes towards her and I slip my arm around her waist growling “Mine ! “

“He is my twin brother you idiot “ she says laughing.

“Yeah man . Calm down ! “ the guy says

Then I notice his hand around my sister’s waist .

“Sam who is this “ I ask her

“Right Lev this is Jake my mate and Jake this is Lev my older brother “ she says

“ So someone wanna tell me what is mate and why my wolf wants to be close to him “ my mate asks pointing to me .

“ Mates are like soulmates. The moon goddess chooses our other half . It’s a lot like love at first sight . We are attracted to each other by a bond called as the mate bond , however the mating process has two steps . Marking and mating . Marking means the make bites the female’s neck to warm the other wolves . And I really don’t want to explain mating .” I finish.

“Mating as in .... “ she says and trails off blushing. She is absolutely adorable!

“But you always have a choice. You can reject your mate which can kill him/ her or craze her wolf into becoming rogue . Also if one dies the death can craze your wolf beyond belief. “ I say with a sad smile .

She looks at me and says softly “ I won’t reject you if that’s what your thinking “ I look up in surprise that she guessed my thoughts. I give her a brilliant smile to which she beams at me .

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