Dancing flames

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Chapter 13

1 week later ...

Alex’s POV

I’m beyond happy . My family is loving and my mate is perfect . I am still handling the restaurants . Lev helps me whenever he can and he is so sweet . He marked me with my consent about 3 days ago and Sam his sister squealed super loud . Jake not only marked Sam but he also completed the mating process which makes her the Luna if the Blood Moon Pack .

I remember 3 days ago ....

Alex’s POV

Lev has been secretive about something. I have no clue and my own brothers won’t tell me ! Hmph ! I huff and go down for some food . Lev has a box in his hand and he smiles brightly at me . My heart melts like always.

“We are going somewhere this evening wear this “ he instructs me .

In the evening....

“Where are we going? “ I ask as we get inside the car .

“It won’t be a secret if I tell you “ he says

I pout. He looks like he is about to give in .

Lev’s POV

Don’t give in ! Don’t give in ! Don’t give in! I chant to myself.

“Sweetheart I am not going to give in however adorable that is “ I tell her . She blushes . I smirk happy I can get her to blush .

We reach my secret spot where I often come to clear my head . She gasps at my setup . I have made a tent with those fairy lights . She starts to slightly sob .

“Baby are you ok ? “ I ask panicked.

“Yes no one has ever do anything like this for me “ she says looks straight in my eyes and kisses me . I am shocked for a second before I grab her waist pulling her towards me and kissing back with everything I have .

“You deserve all this “ I say softly

“Mark me “ she says .

“What ? Babygirl I don’t want to rush you . And the mark will bond you with me forever “ I say shocked .

“I don’t care ! I want to be with you forever! “ she says

“Alright “ I say

I slowly start kissing her neck and finally reach the sweet spot , my fangs bare out as I mark her . She slightly moans in pleasure . I kiss the mark to soothe her .

“Thank you for accepting me “ I say softly

“Let’s get going before this advances to the tent “ she says cheekily.

“Yeah “ I laugh

End of flashback

“Alex we need to talk.” Jake calls me .

Feeling worried I follow him into an empty room . He sits down and sighs .

“Alright I am going to tell you a story . Don’t interrupt and just listen ok? “ I nod .

Jake continues “Centuries ago , the moon goddess chose 4 wolves to carry the 4 elements- Fire , Water , Air and Earth.

They were powerful wolves and every 3 centuries were chosen to battle the one Dark wolf , Ian . Ian was Rejected by the moon goddess as he self proclaimed himself her mate . His hatred for her grew but he could never defeat her she was too powerful.

So he decided that he would kill her creation - us werewolves. That’s when Moona the moon goddess chose the 4 guardians of elements . The Elemental Wolves .

For the last two generations the guardians have failed to protect us from him . Both human and werewolves lost lives. This generation’s Fire Wolf it’s you. I am the Earth Wolf . Our lockets surpress our powers but you somehow transformed .”

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