Dancing flames

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Chapter 14

Alex’s POV

“Who are the other two wolves? “I ask curious

“We don’t know “ Jake answers

“Also how did I transform if the locket was surpressing my powers “ I continue

“Honestly? I have no idea . No Fire Wolf has ever done that . “ He says

“I’m the first one ? “I ask feeling surprised

“Yes “ he says

“Lexi !” A voice calls . Lev .

“You should tell him about this “ Jake advises me

“Did you tell Sam “ I ask

“I’m about to “ he says nervously.

“Good luck “ we say together.

Lev’s POV

I’m going to tell her today . I’m going to tell her that I’m the Water Wolf . Sam’s going to tell Jake about her being the Air Wolf. We are both very nervous.

They both come out . Then all of us say “ We have to talk “ we look at each other in surprise. Then I motion to the door “come on Alex we need to talk “ I say

“Yeah we do “ she says nervously

We go out to the woods and start walking. I take a deep breath and start “ Do you know about the Elemental Wolves?” I ask her . She looks startled but nods . “Well I’m the Water Wolf and I can manipulate the water “ I say while making a small wolf statue out of water and freezing it .

“Y-your the W-water Wolf “ she strutters

“Yes are you mad at me ? “ I ask nervously

She starts laughing.

“Why the hell would I be mad at you ? I just found out a couple of minutes earlier that I am the Fire Wolf and my brother is the Earth Wolf “ she said

I was shocked but I pulled her closer . She put her arms around my neck and pecked me on the lips .

“You really don’t hate me for keeping it a secret ? “ I ask for confirmation

“No love I am not mad . You had your reasons stupid at that . “ she answered looking at me in the eye .

I pulled her closer and kissed her . She kissed back and I said I love you . She looked absolutely stunned but said I love you too with a smile that could light up the world .

“Oh and my sister is the Air Wolf “ I say remembering her .

“That’s great !!!” She squeals

I laugh at her cuteness and we go back to the house .

Alex’s POV

We head back to the house where I see my brother laughing.

“How’d did it go ?” I ask grinning

“Way better than I expected and I suppose you know this generation’s Elemental Wolves. “ he said laughing with relief

“Yeah I can’t believe it’s you Sam!! “ I squeal

“And I can’t believe it was you the whole time !! “ she says squealing like me

“Girls !!” Both boys groan

Sam looks at me and we says “Boys “ rolling our eyes . Both of them look royally offended .

“Did they just roll their eyes at their Alphas “ Jake asks his eyes gleaming.

“Oh yes and Sam is ticklish “ Lev informs Jake smugly

“So is lex “ Jake says


I run as fast as I can up the stairs with Lev on my tail and Jake on Sam’s . He finally catches me and starts tickling me merciless.

“Say I’m the most sexy man you have ever met “ he says smirking

“I can’t- mummy told - me not - to lie -“ I gasp

“Cheeky “ he gasps and tickles me some more

“Fine fine I’ll say it “ I say breathlessly

“You are the most sexy man I have ever met there I said it “ i say

“Happy ? “ I ask sarcastically

“Very “ he says grinning

Jerk .

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