Dancing flames

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Chapter 15

Alex’s POV

I was having a nightmare. Again. It was horrible. Wolves soaked in blood , human bodies lashed out all because I failed to protect them . All because I failed as a Fire Wolf. Lev woke up beside me startled . He brought a glass of water and rubbed small circles on my back comforting me . His touch calmed me down . I felt awful for waking him up again .

“It’s okay Princess . It’s just a nightmare. It isn’t real “ he comforted me .

“Thank you Lev “ I say exhausted

“No problem babygirl now let’s get that cute ass of yours to bed “ he says cheekily.

“Cheeky bastard ! “ I exclaim

“You love me !!!” He scoffs

“I have no clue how “ I say cheekily

“Cheeky! “ he says tickling me

“I’m sorry . I’m sorry. Please don’t make me say that cheesy line again “ I gasp between laughs

“Cheesy!!? It was the truth . I am the most sexy man you have seen . “ he says complimenting himself .

“Wow your ego is bigger than this house “ I say

“Let’s raid the kitchen . They have Nutella “ he says . I was about to protest but he had me at Nutella . I mean come on who can resist Nutella .

“What are we waiting for ? Let’s go “ I say smirking

“That’s my girl” he says proudly

In the kitchen

“Don’t switch on the lights “ Lev tells me

“Don’t you think I already know that you dumbass “ I hiss

“What are you guys doing here ? “ Isabella’s voice suddenly rings through.

We stare at her as if she’s some kind of zombie . She has the Nutella in one hand and with the other hand she is pointing a chocolatey spoon as is it were some kind of weapon.

“Hi mom “ Lev says sheepishly

“Bella what are you doing here? “ I ask

“Lev were you about to steal Nutella ? And to answer your question sweetie I couldn’t sleep so I came to get a piece of heaven “ she says pointing at the Nutella.

“You eat my Nutella at night !? “Lev asked her suspiciously.

She looks guilty. I laugh .

“Let’s share “ I suggest

“Good idea “ Bella says looking relieved to get out of her son’s questions.

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