Dancing flames

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Chapter 16

Lev’s POV

It’s been an amazing week . Alex is so perfect. I really don’t want to tell her about the rogues . It might add to her worries. And those damned nightmares have her waking up every night . But I want to tell her myself as she is the future Luna if my pack she deserves to know .

“Lexi ! “ I yell

“Coming! “ she yelled back

2 min later she came down huffing and gasping for air .

“What is it ? What happened ? If you called me for nothing ,I swear Levstorm Nash Reign, I will bloody murder you ! I was sleeping! “ she spoke in one breath.

“Who told you my middle name? “ I ask her horrified.

“Your mum “ she said smirking

“Of course she did “ I grumble

“What happened though “ she asks

“ Oh I didn’t tell you before but the rogues are attacking more frequently and in packs “ I explain

“But that doesn’t make sense . Rogues don’t do packs or Alpha,right? “ she said looking confused

“It’s weird and yes they don’t work in packs . I had to tell you because you are the Luna of this pack “ I say

“Oh “ she says understands

Then I notice something. She is in her bra and panties . I stare . She notices and blushes .

“Why are you half naked ? “ I ask curiously

“I sleep half naked “ she explains

“But you don’t do that at night when I am there “ I whine

“My point exactly “ she says

“No fair !! “ I say stamping my foot like a pup

She laughs at my childish behaviour and says “I’ll try to think of something for the rogue problem “

“I’ll show you the patrol pattern later . Go and sleep “ I say

Alex’s POV

I drag him upstairs with me . I am ready .

“Where are you taking me lex ?” He asked

“Just trust me” I said

Reaching our room , I close the door behind me and jump into his arms . He lifts me easily. I wrap my arms around his neck and legs around his hips . I kiss him . It was hot and passionate.

“Are you sure Princess ? “ he asks me . So sweet!

“Yes “ I say

You can imagine the rest ......

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