Dancing flames

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Chapter 17

Lev’s POV

I wake up to find my beautiful mate curled up in my arms wearing my T-shirts which was huge on her . I lay my head back remembering the blissful night . It was amazing and so worth the wait .

I see Alex shifting slightly as she wakes up . She smiles and says “Morning Lev “

“Morning love are you sore “ I ask

“A bit . But last night was so worth it . “ she says sighing happily.

Chase howls in my head. I grin at her .

“ You have to show me the patrol patterns today “ she reminds me .

I groan . And she giggles . Laughing at my misery ! The rascal! A beautiful one at that .

“Come on I’ll make breakfast “ I say

“ I’ll take a shower and I’ll be down in a minute “ she says

“I could ...” I start but she cuts me of saying “I take my shower solo thank you very much “

I grin and tell her I’ll take mine in the other room “but feel free to join me . There’s nothing I haven’t seen yet “ I say smirking .

She blushes and pushes me off . “Go ! “ she says

“Don’t miss me too much “ I sing

I hear her swearing under her breath. I laugh . I haven’t been this happy ever .

Alex’s POV

That son of a gun ! I would have said bitch but Isabella is too nice . I walk into the shower with Lev’s tee and I strip down take a hot shower relaxing my sore muscles.

I go down to see a breakfast spread.

“You made this ? “ I ask in disbelief

“Um no actually mum already made breakfast “ he says

“Thank god I thought for a second there that you made this “ I sigh in relief

“Hey ! “ he says

“You burnt pizzza remember? “ I say smirking

“I told you I got distracted “ he defends

“Yeah sure . Anyways my mom has some news so we have to go over . “ I say

“What news “ he asks

“If I knew don’t you think I would have told you ?” I ask sarcastically

“Yeah that detail slipped my mind Luna “ he says smirking

I scowl I haven’t yet gotten used to that.

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