Dancing flames

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Chapter 18

At the Blood Moon Pack house

Alex’s POV

We reached home . I ran to my brothers who both ran to hug me . “I missed you so much “ I tell Jayden .

Wait for it . Wait for it . Here it comes ..

“Didn’t you miss me “ Jake whines

“Nah I forgot you existed . Idiot of course I missed you “ I say smirking

“Meanie !” Jake says childishly .

“How in heaven’s name did you become a fearful Alpha when your such a big softie “ I wonder out loud

“That’s so true “ says Sam as she comes down with Lev

“Why are ganging up with my sister ? “ Jake demands “ your my mate “ he says possessively

“Because “ we both say smirking “we are girls and we don’t exactly see your lady parts to gang up with you “Lev bursts out laughing while jay yells burn .

“Meanies !! “ Jake whines again

“Anyways what’s this news that mum wants to tell us about ?” I ask

“We have no idea . They have been secretive “ Jay answers.

“So have Dad and Mom “ Lev says

“Are they kicking us out or something “ Sam asks

We all laugh at her wild imagination.

The parents come in ...

Mia’s POV

I’m so nervous. James in the other hand is ecstatic . Bella is pregnant as well but she is 2 months along with twin boys . I am pregnant for 1 month with twins as well . I don’t know the gender yet .

Bella is nervous like me and James and Nick are doing this kind of bro hug which I never understand.

We go to hall .

“We have news . I made your mom pre..” the men start together but Bella and I cut in horrified at their approach.

“Don’t tell them like that you idiots ! “ Bella and I scream at them . They look at us as if we have lost our heads .

Bella’s POV

Lev is looking at me as if I have two heads and so are the others

“Mum have you grown fat ? “ my son asks me

Nick bursts out laughing so does everyone else. I go red .

“ Mum but have you ? “ this time Sam asks me .

I feel my cheeks burn .

“No you idiots it’s the part of the news “ Mia tells them . I look over to her thankfully. She winks at me .

“Um so guys we have to tell you something “ I take a deep breath and continue “How do you guys feel about being older siblings again “ I ask

Sam and Alex squeal asking “Both of you ? “

We nod confirming. They jump up and down and hug us . All while the boys sit there looking confused. Alex goes over to Lev and whispers something in his ear . His eyes go wide and he runs to hug me .

“Their pregnant you dumbos “ James and Nick scream at Jayden and Jake whose eyes go wide . They run and hug their mother .

“How far along are you “ Sam asks me

“ I’m 2 months with twin boys and Mia is 1 month with twins . We don’t know the gender yet . “I answer

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