Dancing flames

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Chapter 19

Alex’s POV

it’s been 3 months . My mum is 4 months old and she’s having a girl and a boy . Only Sam and me know . We are planning a gender reveal tomorrow evening.

Lev is trying his hardest to make me tell him . I almost told him but then I ran away. Childish i know but I couldn’t risk the surprise.

Then one time Sam had to slap her hand on my mouth because I almost gave it away. And I got hell for it . She took me shopping for 5 hours !!! I hate shopping. By the time we came home I was ready to scream at anyone and everyone. My legs were killing me .

Lev being the good little boyfriend let me have his Nutella and dark chocolate ice cream .

Next day ...

Lev’s POV

Finally! Today the girls will finally reveal the gender . Both me and Jake have tried and failed to convince them to tell us . Alex ran away once because she was about to give it away. She ran away!!! Oh well , we’ll finally find out today .

“Come on guys “ Alex says motioning to the living room. The living room has been off limits for 2 days now . The last time Jake , Jay and I tried to sneak in , the girls chased us with a pan in their hands . Awful memory .

We enter and gasp . The living room is looking totally different. There are “Mommy to be “ and “Daddy to be “ banners with our parents pics . There are blue ribbons for Mom’s twins . And two huge boxes .

“We did one for Bella as well “ Alex explains . Mum gets tears in her eyes which she brushes away.

“Right Mom get in front of the blue box and Mia in front of the green one “ Sam instructs.

We look a bit disappointed.

“Did you really think that we would go for pink or blue for Mia revealing everything “Alex retorted

Mom,Mia,Dad,James and Sam stifled their laughs .

The rest of us grew red. Both mommy-to-bes went in front of their boxes .

“Wait a minute!” Alex shouted . She was recording .

They both opened their boxes and gasped as blue AND pink helium balloons floated out from Mia’s box . Blue balloons sprung out from Mom’s box .

“We are having a little girl and boy “ said Mia tearfully. James nodded excited.

“Let’s move over to the food people “Jayden cuts in suddenly

“Jayden Nathaniel Black manners “ my beautiful mate and her mother scold . Damn she looks hot when she’s bossy.

“That was hot “I whisper ever so slightly so that only she can hear . She blushes. This girl is going to be the death of me .

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