Dancing flames

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Chapter 20

Alex’s POV

Now that it’s been 3 months Lev is insisting on me training. I’m no pro but I am a decent fighter.

Training time

“How many more push ups are we supposed to do ? “Jay whined

This training was exhausting. No scratch that this wasn’t even training this was just warm up .

“Can we just fight already “I pouted

“Fine “Lev gave up

We got into attack stance . I threw a punch he dodged easily and tripped me and climbed on top of me . He smirked . I huffed and slipped under him . He looked shocked for a second but recovered quickly. He was quick yes but not quick enough. By the time he recovered I had already prepared the punch to his stomach. He groaned. This time I smirked.

“What the hell ? You punch like your fist is made of iron ! “ he says

“I had taken fighting classes “ I say smirking

“Couldn’t have told me that before I got punched “Lev grumbled “Has Jayden taken classes as well “he asked cautiously

His face !! He looked absolutely adorable! I laughed unable to control it any longer . He looks at me with disbelief written all over his face

“Your supposed to be my mate ! Your supposed to help me not laugh at my misery! “He whines like a child

“You assumed we were helpless damsels “I retort

“Oh in this situation I’m the helpless damsel “he mutters to himself

Lev’s POV

She punched me !!! In the stomach! As much as it hurts it was hot as hell ! She can fight well .

Take mate to bedroom now !

Chase was drooling all over her .

“I was thinking the same thing “ I told him “but she’ll kill us if we try to interrupt her training and I like being alive thank you very much “

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