Dancing flames

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Chapter 21

Lev’s POV

She’s good I’ll give her that but she doesn’t think she moves on instinct. A weakness. I tell her about it and she pays a little more attention. Her stamina and speed are improving as well . Jayden and Jake are compatible and can watch each other’s back . Same goes for Sam , me and Alex .

“One whole day ! What am I supposed to do ? “She asks me .

I told her to take one day off and bond with her wolf . I take her to a lake where we had a our first date .

“Strengthen your bond with Blaze “I instruct.

She sighs and mutters something that sounds I like “ Your lucky your hot “

“I know I am hot but you’re hotter baby and enjoy ‘bonding time ‘“ I say with single quotes in the air .

Alex’s POV

He left me here with her . The traitor.

“Blaze ? “ I ask softly

Yes Alexandria

“Don’t call me that “ I frown . I never use my full name . Ever since Blaze found out that I get pissed off when someone uses my full name she has been calling me Alexandria.

“How did I become a Fire Wolf “ I asked her

You did not become a Fire Wolf. You were born with it . I chose you . My previous humans were chosen too . Their fierce loyalty tempted me . But they gave up . Two Fire Wolves have given up . I begged them to keep faith .

“Oh Blaze ! I’ve been a brat . Bossing you around when you handled that much . “I apologise sincerely

It’s alright Alex . You didn’t know and I like you the previous wolves acted like I was some sort of goddess or something. You treat me as one of you . I am grateful.

“So tell me about this Ian “ I ask

Let me tell you a story . Once upon a time when the Moon Goddess was as human as you or me , her name was Moona . Ian was obessessed with her . She was beautiful. Everyone wanted her but she waited for her mate . Ian proclaimed himself her mate , she grew mad not only because of his proclamation but also because he never left her alone.

I was one of her four personal bodyguards . She trusted us . I had a bad temper but I was strong and kind so she gave me the ability to choose my human and to manipulate fire . Chase was calm , flirty and strong , she gave him the ability to manifest water and choose his human .Harmony was silent , wise and funny , she gave her the ability to control the air and choose her human . Finally Storm he was flirty , strong brave and a born leader , she gave him the ability to control the Earth.

I was in love with Chase and Storm loved Harmony. We were happy. That’s what the prophecy says “Earth will lead , Water will love . Air will heal . And Fire will destroy. “ We all trusted and loved Moona so much that we sacrificed our bodies and became wolves .

Ian was furious. He almost killed me so Moona cursed him . He wouldn’t find a mate . His heart twisted and turned dark . That’s why he hates me more than the other Elementals . Chase has saved my ass just about every time . The curse send him into the despairs of hell every three centuries.

The only way he can break the curse is to die and let his soul rest in peace or kill me and live forever. Moona chose me because I was the strongest one and I couldn’t be killed easily .

Oh my god Blaze ! You poor thing . Is there any way we can kill Ian ? “ I ask

He will be killed by the 7th generation Fire Wolf. That’s the prophecy. You are the 7th generation Fire Wolf . “She will cure his heart ache and bring light to his darkness, she will relieve him of his misery , she will kill him and free him from himself “ that’s the prophecy.

“I am supposed to kill him?!? “ I ask dazed

Yes you are strong fierce and kind

“Oh Blaze” I gasp

I’m sorry to put this all on you but everyone is counting on you . I will teach you to manipulate fire in your human form .Alright open your palm slowly while concentrating your body heat in your fist . Think of the flame you want to produce.

I focused my energy flow to my palm and thought of a brilliant red flame .

Oh and think of something that makes you happy .

I thought about the first time me and Lev met . How his beautiful smile lit up the room . How his touch made me want more . How his voice made butterflies float in my stomach. How his kisses calmed me . Thinking about him made me smile .

Oh my Moona ! You did it ! In the first try ! That’s impossible!

I opened my eyes to see a flame burning in my palm .

“What can Lev do ? “ I ask

Levstorm’s ability has been trained since his birth . He has control of his power .

“Oh” was all I said

I think it’s time we went back .

“Yeah let me shift “ I said

I stripped and shifted.

Remove your locket in the lesson. I’ll teach you access your power .

“Let’s go home ! “ I say

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