Dancing flames

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Chapter 22

Alex’s POV

My relationship with my wolf is now stronger. It was horrible of me to sass her like that when I knew practically nothing bout her so I let her out more often . She liked her freedom . We were training mercilessly. The time was another year but it was less for me . Lev was amazing as ever .

2 days later

I was sitting in my bed playing with a little flame after having a steamy encounter in bed . Lev looked so peaceful sleeping. I ran my finger through his hair and placed a soft kiss on his cheek .

His hand shot up and he grabbed my neck pulling me closer to him .

“I think I like waking up like this “ he murmured against my lips

“I bet now kiss already “ I demanded

He chuckled and kissed me hard . I was in top on him and one thing lead to another ....

Lev’s POV

In the morning

My beautiful mate was in my arms so safe and sound. But I had this horrible feeling that something would go wrong. I held her close to me . Her scent was intoxicating. She was so beautiful.

She was in one of my shirts and honestly it looked way better on her . Her fiery red hair lay in soft curls and her fringes were against her eyes . She had these adorable freckles on her face that gave her the look of a cute girl . She reminded me of innocent children.

“I love you so much “I whispered against her ear

She slowly woke up and I found myself getting lost in her breathtaking emerald green eyes .

“Why did you wake me up ? Let me sleep some more . “She grumbled burying her head in my chest . I then remembers that she hated mornings . I chuckled to myself and slowly got up making sure not to disturb her . I took my shower and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. She could be very grumpy without it . A royal bitch to be specific.

I quickly fried some eggs and bacon . I put some bread in the toaster and humming to myself I poured some cranberry juice in two glasses. She was obsessed with it and so was I .

I turned around as I caught someone sneaking a piece of bacon .

“Hey “ Alex said sheepishly

I laughed. “Ohmygodisthatcranberryjuice? She said something at lightning speed . Thank the moon goddess for the werewolf hearing . I nodded as she squealed and lunged towards the glass .

“Careful” I warned

We finished our breakfast and got ready for training. She was leaving about her fire powers so quickly that she could already set fire to objects and she suck the body heat of a person . Blaze was actually shocked and Chase told me that no Fire Wolf had learned this quickly. I felt proud of my mate .

After the training

We walked towards our room and I told her she could go shower first . She smiled softly and took my hand leading me to the bathroom .

“Come join me “ she said

“Are you sure ?” I ask her surprised

“There’s nothing I haven’t seen before “ she says cheekily

I slam her against the wall kissing her hard as water poured down on us .


We got out after about an hour . It was almost midnight. She took my hand and brought me outside.

“Shift “ she ordered

I obeyed and stripped . I took off my locket as well so she could see the real me . My real wolf was a dark blue colour.

She took off her locket and shifted . Her wolf was white with red swirls . So beautiful!

She’s so beautiful

I agreed with him

Where are we going?”i ask her through the mindlink

Trust me she said

Always I say

We run for awhile our wolves playing and jumping. We reach the lake and I gasp . It’s breathtaking.

The waterfall is surrounded by twinkling fairy lights wait a minute those aren’t fairy lights they are Alex’s light orbs .

You did that movie night for me . I didn’t forget and I meant to surprise you as well she said softly

I love you . So damn much . You know that ? I say suddenly turning to face her

She shifts and so do I . I pull her closer to me and I ask her “Did you do this for me “ I murmur against her lips .

“Yes do you like it “ she asks nervously

“Like it ? Woman come to your senses this is freaking awesome!i love it !” I say twirling her around

She laughs as she lays down on the ground and pats a spot beside it . I lay down and she points out different stars

“Do you think we’ll become stars one day ?” She asks me

“I don’t know about me but I have the most beautiful star beside me at the moment “I say laughing

She blushes and hugs me . I hug her back and we stay like that in each other’s arms for the night

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