Dancing flames

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Chapter 23

Unknown’s POV

“How much longer ?” He asked.

“Alpha she is guarded fiercely. There is almost no time that she is alone . “His beta told him

“Then keep sneaking around. Find out the one time she is alone . Her parents will pay for killing mine . “He snarled

“But Alpha it isn’t the girl’s fault nor Alpha James . He had to do it because the council ordered him to “ His beta tried to reason with him

“Did I ask for your opinion “ he growled

He quickly bared his neck in submission and whimperd.

Sam’s POV

That Brittany girl keeps on pestering Jake . Does she not understand that she is not his mate ? And according to what I’ve heard she has slept her way with almost every willing unmated male . Gross!

“Hey baby “ Jake greets me

“Hey . What are you doing now ? I’m bored “I say

“So am I . Let’s go for a run . We’ll ask Alex and Lev if you want “he suggested

“You’re the best “ I say hugging him

“I know . Hurry up I’ll prepare a picnic . “He said

Alex’s POV

Sam came to us huffing and puffing like a steam engine.

“What’s wrong?” Lev panicked

“Let ..huff....me....huff..catch ...puff...my...huff....breath “ he said gasping for air .

Lev and I stifled a laugh at her . She looked like she had run halfway across the world .

“Jake suggested a picnic. “ she informs us shortly

“That’s a brilliant idea !” I beam at her

“Then come on “ she said

We reach another spot . It’s covered in grass and flowers. A huge banyan tree was in the middle of it . We ran down like children in a race . I reached second with Lev in the lead . Sam and Jake followed.

“Slowpokes “ Lev and I tease them

“You took off before us . Cheaters “they yell

“Meh . You’re just jealous that we reached first.”we defended

“I’m going for a run “ I tell Lev

“Do you want me to come with you ? I would rather run even though I’m full instead of watching my baby sister and my mate’s twin brother flirting.” He said lazily

“I’m good. Have fun “ I say laughing

I take off find a well hidden spot and begin to strip before I can a cloth with a horrible smell touches my nose . I get a huge whiff of it since my werewolf smellling is anhanced . I struggle as everything goes black .

Unknown’s POV

She’s finally here . I had successfully kidnapped her when she was 2 . Yes , I was the one . Back then out of pity I put a glamour on her and her younger brother and put them in an adoption centre.

I watch as my wolves bring her limp body to the cellars and chain her up . She slowly gains consciousness. Truth be told I am shocked, the drug is supposed to knock out the victim for hours ,she woke up within 45 minutes. Maybe she is stronger than I thought.

Alex’s POV

I woke up to find myself chained up to a wall . I tugged at them but I couldn’t move myself.

They injected Wolfsbane in your system . It weakens me but it won’t work that effectively as you are the Fire Wolf. These mutts don’t know that .

Blaze told me .

“Sleeping beauty is awake “ a sarcastic voice rang through

I know this scent! He is the one who kidnapped you when you were 2 !

“Who are you “ I ask gritting my teeth

“Ah I didn’t introduce myself. Where are my manners? My name is Alpha Rhodes . “ he said

“Why am I here ?” I continue

“My dear girl surely you remember me . I took you from your family . “ he said without a hint of regret

“How could I forget? “ I said sarcastically. A sharp pain came over my cheek as he slapped me hard .

“Don’t be sarcastic. It will get you nowhere. “ he sneered

“Why did you kidnap me anyways “ I ask ignoring the searing pain in my cheek which I am sure is red by now

“Ah I was waiting for you to ask that . You see years ago your father was ordered by the council to massacre the Scarlet Ice Pack because we didn’t treat one of our wolves right . She was a slut a whore she told the council that we forced ourselves on her . So we were punished. My mother managed to save me . I grew up and started my own pack . But I wanted revenge so i kidnapped you “ he finished

This bastard was sick in the head .

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