Dancing flames

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Chapter 24

Lev’s POV

Where is she ?!? She’s been gone for about an hour now. Jake is blaming himself for suggesting the picnic.

“For the last time Jacob , it’s not your fault!!!! You didn’t know if something was gonna happen to her.” I roar my patience running out

I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my cheek . It grew red within seconds.

“What the...” I started

“It’s your bond . It’s so strong that you can feel her pain “ Sam states

“Oh” I said

I was pacing back and forth . I called my father and James . They came immediately. James looked broken . Losing your child for the second time must be hard . They told us that they didn’t want Mia and mum to worry so they didn’t tell them .

Find mate ! Save mate !

Chase was whimpering . I had never seen him this vulnerable.

“Try connecting with Blaze “ I say feeling helpless

Blaze ? Blaze sweetheart answer me .

He tried .


Oh my god Blaze ! Are you ok ? Is Alex fine ? Where are you ?

Chase bombarded her with questions . I took control and asked her “Blaze where are you ? “

Thank god Lev . Listen to me carefully. Alex is fine but I am weakened because the mutts injected me with Wolfsbane . I am weaker not dead remember that . Ask your fathers about the Scarlet Ice Pack and tell them that their future Alpha had survived and has a pack of his own . By the scent it’s Evergreen Pack . Tell them I am kidnapped and that not to barge in here without backup . I love you and Chase but I am losing strength. See you .

“Blaze ? Blaze ? God damn it ! “ I curse

“Dad what can you tell me about the Scarlet Ice Pack? “ I demand . The moment they hear the name James and Dad’s faces go bitter .

“It’s a long story . I suggest you sit down “ he says “ Long ago omthe Blood Moon Pack and the Dark Moon Pack were the strongest of all Packs and practically treated like royalty.

We worked for the council. They council ordered us to massacre the Scarlet Ice Pack when we asked why they told us that a girl named Courtney had complained about them being abusive .

We both knew that wasn’t true as this Courtney was a bitch and a whore . But the council never really liked the Scarlet Ice Pack.

We refused and they threatened to kill our families. We combined forces and killed the entire pack . We had to .

The Alpha and Luna fought till the end . They were so brave . I hated myself for it . Every second of it . If they have a son who has kidnapped Alex he would want revenge. We need to hurry. “ he said urgently

“Now I know why you hate the council so much “ Jake commented to his father . James tensed and so did dad

“From that moment on we passionately loathed the council. We vowed to never work for them again . “ James seethed

They were really angry .

Sam’s POV

I feel bad for this Rhodes guy . 4 pissed off Alphas is no joke . Jake was seething like Dad and James and Lev was foaming at the mouth . He was about to lose control.

I placed my hand on his shoulder telling him to control himself without words . He calmed down a bit . Cage burst through the door saying “ We have a lead “

Alex’s POV

“Blaze could you reach him?” I asked tired

Yes I told them

“Thank you “ I said

It’s no big deal. A maniac captured us . I am curious about what really happened though

“Hmm I am curious as well “ I say

Rhodes came inside with a set of knives , I froze they were made of silver . Lev told me the effect silver had on werewolves. He set up a recording station as well . What the fuck ? He is gonna record this !! As if reading my thoughts he said “ I am gonna record this and send this to your father “

“You sick bastard! “ I screamed at him as he cut my leg . Then I bit my lip I wasn’t gonna give him the satisfaction of hearing me scream . So I controlled my screams as I was cut on my hands , legs and back .

He went over to the table and brought out a bottle of something white and liquid which he poured on my wounds and cuts . This time I couldn’t control it I gave out an ear piercing scream .

That asshole has poured Wolfsbane on your silver cuts . He is mad !

Blaze said in horror.

Lev’s POV

Suddenly a million knives pierced me . I fell to the ground screaming. James rushed over and exclaimed loudly . Then I felt intense pain throughout my body .

“What the hell are they doing to Alex ? It’s happening to him as well . “ James said

“Dear lord “ Jake said in horror as he saw the marks . “Lev !! What the fuck is this “ my sister raged

“Whatever they are doing to Alex his body is feeling a fraction of the pain . Their bond is stronger than I thought “ James said

“Just a fraction ? “ my eyes widened in horror. Alex must be feeling twice the pain .

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