Dancing flames

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Chapter 25

Lev’s POV

It was 2 hours before we finally reached there . We had hurriedly scheduled a meeting with the Evergreen Pack . It was so damn frustrating to have him right in front of me , it took everything I had to keep Chase from ripping his throat out . I managed to keep my tone formal and void of emotions.

This Rhodes guy was speaking as if nothing had happened. Sam kept her hand in mine and Jake’s who was raging inside.

“So we hear you need some military help for rogues . Our fathers may be present if you don’t mind “ I said formally

He tensed up but gave a laugh to cover it up “Of course. Now let’s get down to business, shall we ? “

“Of course. How many rogues ?” I ask coldly

“8 found near the border ?” He answered

I frowned.

“That’s impossible. Rogues don’t travel with more than 4 wolves “ Jake said through gritted teeth

“We thought so as well , but as the attacks became more frequent we had to request military help “ he spoke

“Alright from next week we’ll send 4 wolves each to protect your pack “ I spoke

“Thank you for your help . Enjoy your stay here “ he said

I gritted my teeth . I could feel Alex . Her scent was mixed with fear , blood and Wolfsbane. Was this jerk using Wolfsbane on her ?

James , Dad , Sam and Jake looked startled as well. “ Are they using Wolfsbane on her” Sam whispered in horror

I nodded grimly.

I told the others to scout the place while I headed for the cellars . The place reeked of blood . I came to the cell where her scent was the strongest. I slowly pushed the door open . She was chained like an animal with cuts all over her body . I growled softly . She woke up and weakly smiled at me .

“Lev ! You came .” She said

“Of course Princess “ I said

“What a sweet reunion!!!” Came a voice from behind me

“I couldn’t use my powers as Blaze was weak and he threatened to kill Jayden “ she whispered

I nodded . There came a yelp and I smirked .

“You really think I’d come in here without back up ? How stupid are you ? “‘I ask

“What’s going on ?” Alex asked startled

I tore down her chains and she collapsed in my arms . I caught her easily. My father with James secured the guards and Rhodes . While Jake told The Scarlet Ice Pack’s story Rhodes seemed to be listening intently.

“Are you telling me that it was because of a whore and the council that my entire pack died ?” Rhodes finally asked

“Yes son . We were forced by the council to kill your family. We had to do it to protect our own . I’m sorry for your loss “ James said

“Your parents were so strong . They told me that I should protect my own family first when I told them to escape. They were so brave “ Dad said with tears in his eyes

Rhodes looked like a child lost in a fair .

“You told them to escape?” He asked emotions evident in his voice

“Yes “ both James and Dad said

“Don’t kill him !” Alex said suddenly

“He didn’t know this . And he has a pack to look after .” She continued

Rhodes looked at her as if she had grown two heads . He choked on his words “ How can you say that ? After everything I’ve done to you .”

“You didn’t know . You don’t deserve this “ Alex said kindly

“ Alright we need to take her to our pack doctor . Let’s move . Shift everyone “ i ordered

Whose gonna carry her ? Jake asked

I am I said

Of course son dad said

We all shifted while Rhodes adjusted Alex on my back . “Have a safe trip !” He called out as we sprinted away

We ran all the way . Everyone was exhausted. Running with someone on your back ,for two hours is no joke . We finally reached. I shifted and carried her all the way to the infirmary. I bathed in . Dr June turned to greet me but she saw Alex and in a minute she was readying a bed .

“Alpha you have to go and rest . Luna will be alright. “ June said firmly

I opened my mouth to argue but then I thought better and closed it again and went outside to the living room . Jake was lying on the ground sleeping. Sam was on the couch . Dad was near the tv and James was in a chair . The running had taken a toll on them and they had passed out . I went to my room and flopped down on my bed and instantly fell asleep.

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