Dancing flames

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Chapter 26

Lev’s POV

I woke up and quietly went to the infirmary. I gasped in shock . In front of me lay a girl with tubes inserted in her body , a oxygen mask covering her face . Her skin was deathly pale . It couldn’t be , no that was not Alex my Alex !

“Is th-that Al-alex?!?” I asked my voice barely audible to no one in particular

“Morning Alpha “ June greeted me

“Explain!” I ordered coldly

She flinched but explained nonetheless “ When you brought her to me she had lost a lot of a blood and there were silver cuts on her body . The Wolfsbane in her body did not allow her to heal from the inside and the remaining on her silver cuts didn’t allow her body to heal from the outside. I was able to remove it from her system . But unfortunately for her body to heal itself I had to put her in a coma . It’s actually pretty amazing that she has survived for so long . “


No . No . It couldn’t be . My Alex was in coma a fucking coma . And I couldn’t do anything.

Jake suddenly barged in and a sob nearly escaped his lips as he saw his twin sister’s condition on the bed . James looked broken . Mia and Mum were crying. Sam was controlling her emotions but even I could see that she was on the verge of tears .

Set me loose

Chase screamed .

My father looked at me sympathetically and told me “ Go and take a run son . You need it . Let it all out “ . That’s all I neede to hear .

I jumped down the window and transformed in the mid- jump . I ran and ran and ran .

Finally exhausted I handed the control to Chase and blacked out

I woke up still in my wolf form .

Do you remember this place ?

Chase asked me

“ How could I ever forget?” I answered

It was the lake . Where I had taken Alex for our first date . The place where I marked her . The place where she took me out for a moonlight cuddle night .

Thinking about her made me smile . Her fiery red hair and those mesmerising emerald green eyes. Her perfect kissable lips . Her sarcasm , her being cute , her blushing . Memories came flooding in my brain .

I didn’t even know if we were gonna survive against this Ian or not . I didn’t even know if she was gonna wake up .

“Levstorm?” Came a voice from behind

“Go away! Leave me alone !” I snapped without bothering to turn

“Geez after being that rude to June you would’ve thought he cared about me . “ the voice huffed in annoyance

My eyes widened in shock before I whipped my head in the direction of the voice . There in front of me she stood . It was Alex . It was her and she was alive . I just stood there staring at her .

She laughed before asking me “Well dumbass aren’t you gonna give me a hug ?”

I ran to her and pulled her closer to me drinking in her intoxicating scent and warmth. “It’s really you . “ I gasped

Then out of the blue I started sobbing like a pup on her shoulder “Do you even know how worried I was ? Did you think of what might happen to me if you didn’t make it ? I felt so broken Alex . I let Chase take the control . I lost it when she uttered the word coma . “

She pulled me closer slowly caressing my face and hair “ Shhhhh now I’m here . It’s okay. There there you big bad Alpha. It’s alright. I’m here . I always be with you “

After hugging and crying for almost 5 minutes we stopped. I didn’t let her go and she didn’t push me away.

“How did you wake up so soon?” I asked her

“Blaze helped me heal .” She answered

“We need to go and get you cleaned up and fed . You stink like a spunk !” She said scrunching her nose . I gasped and clutched my heart .

“ Drama queen!!” She muttered

“Let’s go “ I said shifting

“Course race you to the pack house “ she said sprinting forwards

“Cheater !!!!” I yelled at her

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