Dancing flames

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Chapter 27

Lev’s POV

Alex and I walked in the pack house and an avalanche descended upon her .

“What the hell Jake ?” She yelled

“You little monkey ! You wake up from coma and JUMP out the window . Are you insane ! WE WERE WORRIED SICK! Dumbass didn’t even tell us where you were going. And you” he said pointing at me , I gulped “ You blocked everyone out AND covered your trail AND masked your scent . How the hell were we supposed to find you ?” He yelled at the both of us .

We both stood there like children getting scolded . Sam , Mia and Mum hugged so tight we couldn’t breathe

“M-mum I ca-can’t breathe “ I gasped

“Oh sorry “ the three said

Alex was gasping for air as well . Then Jayden came in . His eyes widened in shock as he rushed to hug his sister . I remember his reaction when he heard about Alex being injured.


“Jayden can you please go along with Mia and Mum . Alex has been captured but we can’t tell them because stress isn’t good for the babies. And just go with them to keep an eye on them . Take a few guards with you as well “ I told him

“Yeah no problem. Find my sister “ he said

“Course “I said


“WHERE IS MY SISTER?” Jayden burst in

Without saying anything I pointed to the cut and bruised body of Alex . Jay looked like he had been hit by a truck. He looked thunderstruck.

“No”he said his voice barely above a whisper

“No it can’t be . No please no . No Alex . No Alex please wake up . Please Alex don’t leave me . Please Alex .” He sounded so desperate. Just then June’s assistant Clary came in .

Jayden whipped his head in her direction and said “mate” . Clary looked shocked as well but said “ mate”

“Can we please talk later ?” Jay pleaded her

“Look here I’m just happy to find you . But you need space . I just came to get tabs on your sister.” Clary said

Jay went over to her and kissed her .”Thank you” escaped his lips

Flashback over

“Jay ?” Clary asked “Luna you’re awake!” She said

“Hello ,sorry I don’t know you “ Alex said awkwardly

“Lexi this is Clary my mate . Clare this is my older sister Lexi “ Jay introduces

“Oh so you’re his mate . Have fun handling him his quite a handful “ said Alex winking at her .

Jay scowled at her as Clary laughed and went over to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“Can we get something to eat I’m super hungry “ I whine along with Jake

Sam and Alex immediately scowl at us.”Don’t interrupt them you dumbasses “ they both yell at us shaking their fists . We gulp . Jay laughs along with Clary.

Alex’s POV

Poor Lev everyone was yelling at him . I ate my dinner hurriedly. I was starving.

“Slow down love , you’ll choke on your food “ Lev mused

“Shut up I’m hungry “ I snorted

After dinner

After saying goodbye to everyone , I dragged Lev’s ass up to our room . I wanted him .

We reached our room and I locked it . He slammed me against the wall kissing me hard .

“Shall we my love ? “ he asked smirking

I rolled my eyes and kissed him “Does that answer your question “ I whispered in his ears

“Yes it does “ he says

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