Dancing flames

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Chapter 28

After 5 months (sorry for the time gap)

Alex’s POV

It’s been 5 very peaceful months. Bella delivered two healthy baby boys who are a month old now . Mum is due tomorrow.

The rogue problem still hasn’t been solved and have tried almost everything , we have changed the patrol patterns , we stationed more guards , we even guarded it 24/7 .

“Hey Blaze? Does Ian have an army “ I ask

Well over the centuries he has fought with rogues .

“That means that these attacks are a warning. They must be preparing for him to arrive “ I realise

Lev ? Call a meeting

“Alright but what’s wrong?”

You’ll find out soon enough

In the meeting I shared my theory.

“But why would rogues follow him ?” Sam asked

“I thought about it and realised they all have one thing in common , no mate . They must be manipulated on that weakness . “ I told her

“Your bloody genius “ Jake exclaimed

“Don’t add on to her ego , you idiot “ Jay scolds him

“Oi ! I’m right here , you know “ I remind them

They both look sheepish

“James !” My mum screams

“Mum what’s wrong?” Jake , Jay and I shout together

“My water broke ....” she says before screaming again

“Holy shit !” Dad and Nick say

“Um honey what do I do ?” Dad asks

“What the fucking hell did you do for the last two pregnancies. You dumbass take time to the pack infirmary. “Mum breaths out

It’s a pity Bella isn’t here but she has twins to take care of . They are adorable. They’re names are John Salas Reign and Jonathan (we call him Jace) Carter Reign .

Anyways ....

We rush to the infirmary . Dad goes in with mum while the rest of us wait outside.

“ Um to distract us from that “ I said pointing to the door “do we have an army to go up against Ian .”

“As a matter of fact every 3 centuries all the werewolves around the world go the Sasnes world . It’s dark and gloomy and has a battlefield. All of the fights have been conducted there according to the books . Everytime the Elementals lost , Ian wrecked chaos on earth . “ Nick informer us

“So we can use guns ?” Jake questioned

“You can’t use guns in your wolf form. “ Nick said”Also the world is surrounded with a spell that kills anything that is not wolf or part wolf. Ian finds the concept of guns and tech insulting “

Just then Dad came out with happy tears glistening in his eyes. We went in . There in the cot lay two beauties . The boy dressed in blue was the replica of Jay and girl looked like me and Jake .

“They are beautiful “ all of us exclaimed in awe

“What are they’re names Mum ?” I asked

“That’s Willow Claire and that’s Brian William Black “ my mum announced proudly.

“Uh Mum do you need something?” I asked she must be dead tired

“Yeah a little rest “She said looking exhausted

“I’m so proud of you love . You were amazing “ my dad said kissing her on top of her head

Lev’s POV

We went back to our pack house . Chase was begging me for a run .


Yes Lev I’m in our room

Do you wanna go for a run ?

Sure Blaze has been begging me to let her out

Same with Chase

Alright I’ll be down in five

Hurry or we’ll leave without you !

She came down huffing like a steam engine.

“Leave without me my ass” she huffed in annoyance

“I know your ass is cute but I didn’t know that you knew that too” I said winking at her

“You little ..” she started but I was already shifting

Shift already

Lev I love you and everything but shut up!

Fair enough

We ran through the night . Jumping on each other . We ran for miles and stopped at the lake .

Hey Lex remember this ?

How could I forget? It’s where I took you on a date

I took your cute ass on one first !


We sat there taking in the beauty of the waterfall. Lexi suddenly twirled her fingers and orbs of light appeared in front of us . It light up the whole area . It was mesmerising

Lex ....that’s so beautiful

It is , isn’t it ?

We lapsed into a comfortable silence

I think we should go home now Lev . I am exhausted

Yes love let’s

Alex’s POV

Recently Lev has been having nightmares too . We both wake up screaming sometimes. It’s horrible and very difficult.

We reach home from our midnight run .

I toss and turn but I just can’t sleep . I get up and heah yo the kitchen . I know just the thing that’ll help . The answer ? Brownies of course . Super chocolatey and goey.

I set to work . After a few minutes when my batter is already to go I feel a arm snake around my waist and I smell chocolate and mint . I smile as Lev comes to the view .

His hair is messy and to be honest he looks hot . He is shirtless because I’m wearing his shirt and he’s in his shorts.

“Hey love whatcha doing?” He asks sleepily

“Brownies . I couldn’t sleep “ I said pouring the batter with HUGE chocolate chunks in them . That’s the beauty of homemade. You add whatever you want

“ You were gonna wake me up right? “ he asked

“No I wanted to let you sleep “ I say

“And eat all the brownies yourself!!!” He pouted “That’s not fair Dria !!” I laughed at his childish behaviour

“Oh come on you would have gotten them in the morning “ I said

“As if “ he scoffed “You know they taste best warm “ he said

“Yeah “ I said putting it in the oven

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