Dancing flames

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Chapter 29

Lev’s POV

I woke up gasping. I had another nightmare. I felt for Alex . She wasn’t there . Where was she then ? She must be in the kitchen. I went downstairs.

There she was . She was humming while cooking. I snaked my arm on her waist

“Hey love whatcha doing ?” I asked sleepily

“Brownies . I couldn’t sleep .” She replied

“You were gonna wake me up right?” I asked indignant that she didn’t tell me about brownies .

“No I wanted to let you sleep .” She said

“And eat all the brownies yourself. That’s not fair Dria !” I pouted. She laughed

“Oh come on you could have gotten them in the morning “ she said

I scoff “ As if . You know they taste best when warm .

“Yeah “ she said

“Do you want help ?” I ask

“No I’m done . Let’s go and watch a movie while we wait for the brownies.” She said

“Sure which one ?” I ask

“Um forget about movie let’s watch The Originals !!” She squealed

“That show is amazing!” I say

“I know right “ she says

“I’ll make popcorn. Cheese right ?” I ask

“Yeah lots of cheese “ she says

After brownies

“Dria these are fucking amazing “ I say taking a bite of my brownie . Leah had made 7 batches because we werewolves had ginormous appetites .

“I know right “ she said taking a bite of the piece of heaven .

“Let’s go Alex , we need at least 3 hours of sleep before the training.

We have 3 months till this Ian dude comes . All the wolves are training hard and dad is going full Alpha mode . Mum can’t do much because of the twins . Jace and Jo (john) are absolutely adorable.

“Fine but you carry me “ she says making grabey hands . I chuckle and pick her up easily. She’s light as a feather.

She put her head against my neck and fell asleep . I kissed her head softly and put her in the bed .

Alex’s POV

Nothing much has been happening for a long time now . I kinda miss the excitement. But we got a real battle in front of us . The Elementals wolves have been training non stop .

The atmosphere is tense . According to the books Ian transforms the rogues sort of like evolution. There are 3 kinds - the normal rogues , the enchanted and finally the guards .

The normals are as you guessed normal. The enhanced are sorta like Alphas with a heightened sense . And the guards are the most ferocious ones who protect Ian .

We have been researching a lot too . It’s pretty stressful. But thanks to Jo and Jace we have a bit of fun . We go to visit Jake a lot since his territory is next door . Brian and Willow are soooo cute . They are growing very fast because of the Alpha blood in them .

We have a all pack meeting in a month . Meaning packs from all over the world will come to meet and discuss the strength and weaknesses of our army. Me and Lev are not getting much time to ourselves.

Lev’s POV

Tomorrow’s Alex’s birthday and we’re planning something big . The plan is that I’m gonna take her on a full day date and while we’re at it the house is gonna be decorated.

I’m excited because we don’t get much time together and a whole day sounds brilliant to me right now.

“Wake up Lexi !” I yell

“What do you want ?” She asked groaning

“Oh don’t be a grandma! It’s heavenly today . I’m taking you out for a whole day . Come on Dria I don’t wanna waste a minute “ I sang

“Do you know what day it is ?” She asked

“Um Tuesday I think “ I say . I hate lying to her but oh well !

“You really don’t know what today is ?” She asked again

“Am I supposed to ? Alex what’s wrong “ I ask pretending to be confused

“Nothing. I have a date to prepare for . Casual?” She said quickly but she couldn’t hide the hurt in her voice

“Casual and it’s a double date “ I say

“Jake and Sam ?” She asked brightening up a little

“Yeah and I made a breakfast spread . Hurry up !” I urge

Sam’s POV

He has no clue what’s going on .

“Sam ?” Lev called out

“Here “ I whispered

“Does he know anything?” Lev asked

“Not a clue . What about Alex ?” I asked

“Nothing “ he answered

The twins came down dressed in hoodies. In fact we all were dressed in hoodies.

“I knew you didn’t make all this yourself!” They said together

“We helped each other “ Lev and I defended

“Let’s eat “ Alex said clapping her hands . She was a serious foodie. She loved food a LOT . She and Lev were a lot alike actually.

“Yeah” Jake said grouchy

“What’s up with him ?”Alex asked nudging me

“Um I may or may not have pushed him off the bed to wake him up .” I admitted

“You what ?” Alex giggled

“Laugh at my troubles. Gee thanks twinny!” Jake grumbled

“No problemo twinsy “ Alex said blowing him a kiss

I laughed as Jake’s scowl widened.

“Oh stop arguing it’s a bea...” Lev starts

“Don’t you dare complete the damn sentence “ Alex threatens

I completely forgot Alex and Jake both absolutely hate mornings

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