Dancing flames

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Chapter 30

Sam’s POV

“Come on guys we have one day . I don’t wanna waste a minute!” I say dragging them outside

“Are those ....” the twins start

“Yup” Lev and I say grinning

“You brought bikes ?!??” They squealed. That’s right Jake freaking squealed .

“Come on let’s get going “ Lev said

“Where are we going?” Lexi asked

“To Starbucks , we need to get you guys coffee . We don’t want two grouches do we ?” Lev answers

“Bad move “ I comment as the twins smack him on the head

“Ow Lexi !” He whined like a child

“ We are gonna capture all of this . I got a camera!” I say

Jake’s POV

I call Alex aside .

“Dria it’s our birthday isn’t it ?” I ask for confirmation

“Yes but I don’t think that they know that.” She says

“Well what do we do ? I don’t really wanna spoil their day by guilt tripping them . “ I confide

“And I really wanna ride those beautiful bikes “ she says

“So we won’t say anything. They’ve got one day off let’s let them enjoy it . “ I say

“Yeah it’ll be like a birthday present “ she says smiling at me

“Let’s go and ride those beauties “I say in a loud voice as a cue for the siblings to come over

Lev’s POV

We reached Starbucks.

“Alex what will you take ?” I ask

“Cold coffee with dark chocolate ice cream and oh one of those dark chocolate muffins please “ she says

“Sam you ?” Jake asks

“Oh I’ll take cold coffee too but vanilla ice cream and a croissant sounds delicious “ she said dreamily

After ordering

A waitress comes to our table .

Alex’s POV

A waitress comes to our table -if you could call her a waitress. Her dyed platinum blonde hair was in a high messy bun revealing a lot of her back . She was wearing something that I hate . Her boobs were threatening to burst from her tight top .

She was wearing bright red lipstick . What’s with bitches wearing red lipstick ? First that Brittany now this one . I really don’t wanna kick her ass on my birthday.

“Hello I’m Brittany , you can call me Britts “ she said trying to sound seductive.

Damn this bitch has the same name !

“Um Brittany we have already...” Lev started but she cut him off

“You have a great body . What’s your name ?” She purred

“His name is unavailable!” I sassed

“Who are you ?” She asked eyeing me with distaste

Careful Alex she’s human !

Lev informed and then sat back to enjoy the show.

“I’m his girlfriend and I believe what he was going to say before he got rudely interrupted was that we’ve already ordered. So your services aren’t required.” I said cockily

“I wasn’t even interested in him . I was interested in him “ she said trembling from the danger note in my tone . She pointed to Jake

“Your turn Sam “ I say

“Right this one “Sam said while pointing to Jake “ is mine . If your still interested do let me know .” Sam said calmly but her voice screamed danger

Lev and Jake both chuckled . A man in his forties approached us probably the manager

“Are you the manager?” I ask

“Yes is there any problem?” He asks

“Yes there is . This girl does not know how to handle customers. Can you explain her the meaning of ‘no’ since her parents clearly forgot to teach that to her .” I say pointing at her

“Oh so she’s causing trouble?” He asked raising his eyebrow

“Is flirting with your customer’s boyfriends considered trouble ?” Sam asked

“Yes . Brittany you’re fired “ he said and then he turned to us “ Thank you . She does that to many customers but unfortunately I have never once caught her . You just gave me a valid reason to fire her .” He says grinning

“You bitch ! You lost me my job !” Brittany yells at me

I lost it .

“Me ? I relieved this cafe from your disgusting existence. Heck your manager is actually thanking me for giving him a valid reason to fire you . Can’t you see that nobody here likes you ? Suck it up you bitch .” I spat

She stood there stunned . “You idiotic manager! How dare you fire me ? Are you stupid or something? “ she kept shouting as the security dragged her outside

“That’s a relief. Anyways you have taken care of that burden so you four are welcome here anytime “ he said beaming

“Well it was my pleasure to kick that bitch out of here . She was annoying!”I yawned

“That was quite a show love .” Lev told me

“It was more interesting than a movie sis “ Jake said

Sam and I just grinned

“Whatever where are we going after this ?” I asked

“Long drive on bikes “ Lev told me grinning

“Hell yeah !” Jake and I said together

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