Dancing flames

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Chapter 31

Lev’s POV

“So where exactly are we going?” Alex asked behind me

“There’s a forest . We’ve got a surprise for you guys . “ I answered

“You both planned this ?” Jake asks

“Of course. You two have been working harder than anyone . You deserve a break “ Sam said

“I love you so much . You know that ?” Alex and Jake said together

“Yeah can you feel the love sis ?” I ask smirking

“You have a ginormous ego !” Alex huffs

We all have personal cameras so we are recording all of this . We want to keep the memories fresh . We reach a point we marked .

“Right wear these blindfolds .” I instruct

“What for ?” Jake and Alex ask

“Surprise.”Sam and I smirk

We reach ‘the spot’ and we removed the blindfolds .They gasp .

Alex’s POV

I remove the blindfold and me and Jake gasp . We had to . We were on top of a waterfall. The view was breathtaking. I sucked in the fresh air and jumping on Lev , I kissed him .

Sam smirked as Jake scooped her off and kissed her as well .

“ Right Lexi we’ve got the bikinis over here and boys your shorts are in the red bike . “ Sam says

“Bikinis ?” I ask in surprise

Lev’s POV

“My dear Alexandria haven’t you figured it out yet ? “ I ask raising my eyebrow

She still looks confused. I sigh and tell her” Just go get changed “

We all get changed . My jaw drops . Damn that body ! Alex notices me looking at her and smirks

“What are we gonna do now ?” She asked

“This” saying that Sam pushed Jake into the waterfall following after .

“Shall we , love ? “ I ask . She grins and climbs on my back .

“Ready . Here we go !” I yell jumping our water cameras on .

Alex screamed in delight . We reach down in a small lake .

“It’s ice cold !” Alex shivers

“Then heat it up !” I say

She smirks and focuses . The water then just got lukewarm.

“Perfect “ Jake says contendly

“Let’s do it again !” Sam squeals

“Sure but we have to climb up again “ Alex says wearily

“Of course not ! Sam use your powers “ I say

“Usually I would have criticised your smartness but right now I am downright grateful!” Alex beams

Sam closes her eyes and focuses .” It’s no use I can only take two people counting me . “ she sighs with frustration

“Hey wait a minute . I got a brilliant idea !” I say

I gather the water vapour around us and using Alex’s help I evaporate them , then freezing them inform a cloud.

“Get on !” I say .

“Sam use your wind .” I order

She obliges and we are suddenly floating in the air !!

“Fuck !” Alex breathes out

“This is fucking awesome!” Jake exclaims

He isn’t kidding , the view is fucking gorgeous. We can see miles away. The waterfall looks freaking majestic. And I sound like a damn poet .

“We’re here “ Sam announces

“Well what are you waiting for ? Jake ‘carry’ Sam please “ I say with single quotes. He smirks in understanding. He suddenly scoops Sam and jumps . Sam yells .

Without a warning I lift Alex and jump in as well . She squeals but shuts up before water gets inside.

We reach down and Alex goes up first . I bet she is waiting for me . I go up . And damn right she sent a huge wave of water towards me . I spin my hands lazily. The water goes back twice the size .

“Cheater !!” Alex yells before diving under to escape .

“This is my territory sweetie. I’m the king here “ I say smirking

“Idiot! I can evaporate your territory , did you forget ?” She retorts

I pale . She bursts out laughing.

“Your face . That was priceless!!! Did you guys capture it ?” She asked Jake and Sam who were watching in amusement.

“Course” Sam said giving me such a evil smile that would sent Devil running away.

I gulped .

“I’m starving , this swimming has gotten me tired .” Alex says

“Well let’s change and go have our picnic “ Sam says

“You guys got us a picnic?!?” Alex and Jake brighten up

“Yeah let’s go . “ I say

We head towards a huge tree in the middle of the forest . Sam removes the picnic basket . The rest of us just lick our lips . Ham , cheese , beef , chicken sandwich with sausages and chicken fingers come out followed by a huge chocolate angel cake with lemonade and cool beer .

“Oh my god !” Alex gasps

“Mum didn’t know what to give . So she gave us whatever was there .” I say scratching my head

“Are you kidding me ?!? This is more than enough!” Jake says in awe

We start eating , talking randomly.

“ Damn I’m tired !” Alex yawns

“ We should get going. It’s almost sun down . “ Sam says taking a look at her watch

“Let’s watch the sunset and then go “ I suggest

“Right do whatever you do . I’ll bring the wind .” Sam says

After I do my ‘thing’ we all go a bit higher than the clouds

“This is so beautiful!” Alex mummers

And it was . The sun was in different shades of red , orange and yellow.

“Yeah “ I agree

“Let’s go to our bikes now . “ Jake says

“How bout we fly to our bikes ?” Sam suggests

“Awesome idea sis !” I say

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