Dancing flames

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Chapter 32

Lev’s POV

“We’re home . Wake up love “ I say

“Hmm 5 more minutes.” Lex grumbles

“I’m up ! I’m up ! Don’t push me off please !” Jake yells

“Let’s go “ I say as Alex finally wakes up

We slowly enter

“Why the hell is it so dark ?” The twins ask

“Power failure?” I suggest


“Did you really think we forget your birthday?” Sam and I grinned at them

Alex suddenly jumps in my arms and kisses me passionately

Out of the corner of my eyes I see Jake doing the same .

“You really are idiots. Why do think we planned the outing? Not only because we wanted to spend time together but also to get the both of you out of the house “ Sam says grinning

“Come on now there are innocent eyes over here !” James and dad shout

Jace , Jo , Bry and Will come waddling over to us “ Hawpy bithday Dria anwd Jakey!” They shout in their baby voices

Alex’s POV

So cute !

“How are they speaking already?” I ask astonished

“Alpha blood “Dad says proudly

“Yeah they’re growing too fast “ Mum grumbled

“I know . Damn your Alpha blood !” Bella grumbles

“Language love “ Nick says earning a glare from his mate

“It’s complete family and friends no formality required. “ Lev says

“Love this is Cage my Beta , this is Henry my gamma and he is supposed to protect the Luna , you . “ Lev introduced

“Hi guys have you found your mates yet “ I ask smiling . At the mention of mates both of them lighten up .

“Come on we’ll introduce you .” They say dragging me over to two beautiful girls . They bow they heads in respect .

“Luna” they acknowledge

“Please no need for formalities . Call me Alex “ I say warmly.

“Oh bad move . Now they are gonna she’s gonna take you shopping everyday !” Henry chuckled

His mate the blonde glared at him “ I’m Lucy and the one who talks too much is my mate .” She said cockily as Henry scowled like a child

The other with pitch black hair laughed as Cage put his arm around her waist . “ My name is Rose and this “ she said gesturing to Cage “ is my mate.”

Both of the girls had blue eyes and a model worthy figure . They are nice I thought to myself.

Jake was playing with Will on his back . Sam waltzed over to me and the girls

“Come on let’s dance !” She said enthusiastically grabbing our hands . We all laughed and joined her as the music blasted through the speakers .

Lev laughed and joined us along with the boys . Will , Bry , Jo and Jace were doing sort of a group dance . We were singing. It was so much fun .

“Now let’s get into the slow dance !” The dj yelled

Jake came over and said “ Let me dance with my twin for the first dance “ he asked Lev who nodded “ Its your day man . “

Lev goes over to his sister dragging her with him .

“This is the best birthday ever !” I say as Jake sighs happily

“I’ve never had a better one . This is my 3rd birthday with you . “He admitted grinning like an idiot

“I like sharing my birthday now !”I say

“Love ya sis . But your loverboy is waiting “ Jake informed me smugly

“So is yours “ I say going over to our mates

“My turn “Lev says

“This is amazing!” I tell him

“And we’re dancing a slow dance in hoodies !” He says

I laugh “ I never really noticed “ I say

“I love you !” He says as he twirls me

“Me too love , me too “ I say laughing

After the party

“Me and Sam also got something ready !” Lev says

What’s next ?” I ask laughing as Lev brought us to a little clearing in the near forest .

“Just trust me and come on” he said

In the clearing there was a huge screen , blankets and pillows were laid on a picnic cloth . Huge bowls of popcorn , candies and coke were sitting down on the grass .

“This my dearest daughter is the journey of you and your twins life . Since you didn’t spend it together we edited the pics to look like you guys were together.” Mum said .

Tears flowed freely from my eyes as lev yelled group hug . Everyone came near and hugged me and Jake who was crying too .

“I love you guys so much even though you are a pain in the backside “ I said

Everyone scoffed . The twins were falling asleep slowly .

We all settled comfortably between the pillows , I snuggled with Lev . His chest is so comfy !!!

“Thank you so much . You have brought me so much closer to my family “ I whispered in his ears

“You deserve it “ he said

“Shut up you guys it’s starting!” Jake yelled at us

I saw pics of me , Jay and Jake . Then I saw the videos and pictures from today . I saw Lev’s face and I burst out laughing. Everyone did . Lev mumbled something hiding his face in my neck .

“Lev you’re tickling me !” I squealed

“And you’re ears are all red !” I said smugly

“Can you guys stop this torture?” He pleaded

“Nope !” I said popping the ‘p’

“It’s over !” Jake said just as a pic of him in pink onesie saying ‘I love Barbie ‘ appeared . Everyone burst out laughing as he turned a bright red .

“Oh my god ! “ I gasped

“That day he missed you so much that he wore your clothes saying they comforted him . “ dad says sadly. I went over to my twin and hugged him tightly. He slightly sobbed on my shoulder

“Shhh I’m here and I’m NOT leaving. I’m okay . Stop crying twinny !” I say as he smiles.

“Thanks Dria “ he says

“It’s no biggie!” I say giving him a brilliant smile

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