Dancing flames

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Chapter 33

Alex’s POV

We went into some tents they had set up . I was about to fall asleep when Lev nudged me .

“Come on I got one last suprise .” He whispered

We got up and shifted. I followed him to our place our lake . I smiled as I shifted back . It was covered in those twinkling fairy lights I loved .

“We’re going skinny dipping “ he said stripping and diving in .

I grinned at him and stripped. I went in slowly . I went up to him and put my legs around his waist . He grinned and kissed me . It was so romantic!!

“I wish it was always like this . “ he mumbled softly in my neck . I giggled

“I wish we didn’t have to worry bout this Ian . “ he continued

“Lev look at me “ I said . He looked up and for a moment I was lost in his ocean blue eyes.

“You never wanted any of this to happen. But aren’t you glad you met Chase and Blaze? Think about them they have been facing the asshole for centuries now . They must be fucking exhausted!” I told him

“And just like that , you have stolen my heart again. “ he said kissing me softly yet passionately

“With you I have no worries. I become me again . You have no clue what you do to me . Gosh Alex you drive me insane . “ Lev said holding me tightly as if scared someone would steal me .

“Me too Lev me too . You’re fucking handsome and hot and I’m just well me .” I confessed

His eyes darkened for a moment. “ You’re fucking beautiful when you smile . You’re smoking hot when you smirk . Your giggles are the cutest thing in the world . And blushes - god damn - they are absolutely adorable. And I’m super happy that I can make you blush . You’re just perfect . In every way . “ he told me

“Shh I don’t wanna talk anymore “ I murmured against his lips

“What do you wanna do then ?” He asked cheekily

“This “ I said kissing him .

I poured all of my emotions in that kiss , love , lust , longing , passion , happiness , everything.

I could feel him too , as he kissed Bach hungrily, I could feel his lust , anger at Ian , sadness , happiness, joy was radiating off me .

“Do you hear that ?” He asked suddenly

I heard 5 heartbeats “ There’s no one else but us . But there are 3 more heartbeats “ I said softly

“Let’s go and dress up first . Get on my back !” He instructed

I suddenly realised something. “ Lev there’s no one here .” I whispered

“ Here are your clothes. And what do you mean ?” He asked confused

I looked at my belly “ Lev I might be pregnant “ I said my voice barely audible I was afraid of his reaction

He froze . A moment passed I felt arms scooping me up . “ I’m gonna be a dad ?” He whispered

“Yeah . But we better be sure .” I said giggling at his excitement.

“Oh and Lev ?” I asked

“Um Sam is 2 months pregnant “ I say

“What ? Does Jake know ?” He asked

“She’s scared of his reaction. I mean they are young. “ I said softly

“She needs to tell him . The man deserves to know “ he said shaking his head

“I won’t tell him don’t worry . She’ll work it out “ he assured me

“Now let’s get that pretty ass of yours to bed “ he said

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