Dancing flames

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Chapter 34

Alex’s POV

I am so freaking nervous. I look at the little stick I am holding in my hands . I let out a joyful cry . Lev comes bursting in . I nod unable to say anything.Tears flow freely from my eyes .

Lev gives a shout and jumps to hold me close . I show him the two lines on the stick .

“Y-you’re pregnant!” He stammered

“Yes . Your gonna be a daddy Alpha!” I say

“You have made me the happiest man alive !” He says looking in my eyes

“What’s happening here ?” Sam asks , her eyes widened at the stick in my hand and she closed the door behind us .

“He knows “ I tell her softly

“It’s alright sis . I won’t tell him , but I’m a bit disappointed that you couldn’t tell me . “ he looked upset . Sam started crying as Lev held her close .

“I really wanted to but I was so fucking scared . I don’t even know why the hell I am crying!” She sniffled

“Pregnancy hormones , I think “ Lev said

“Yeah . “ I said

“When will you tell my brother . He deserves to know “ I tell her softly

“I am afraid that he’ll be disappointed in me “ she said

“Disappointed?!? Sam are you crazy. That man is nuts about you . He loves you for god’s sake!” I scoff defending my twin

“Your the best thing that’s happened to him . He told me “ Lev tells her softly

“I’ll tell him tonight then . “ she says firmly

“Thank you “ Lev and I breathe out at the same time .

She goes out and Lev turns to me .

“If we heard 3 more heartbeats .... are we having triplets?” He asked with the excitement of a child getting a candy

“We’ll do am ultrasound tomorrow , that sound good ?” I ask grinning like an idiot

“It sounds perfect !” He says

Lev’s POV

She’s pregnant with triplets!! How cool is that ?

“Your not going to the battle .” I say firmly

“Lev-....” she started

“No Lexi . You are carrying our babies. You are responsible for 3 more lives . You will heal but nothing more . Listen to me Alex please . I love you and my babies so much already. I’m NOT risking their lives not yours . “ I pleaded

She sighed in defeat .

Jake’s POV

Sam has been acting strange. Someone knocked on my office door .

“Yes come in “ I say

Sam peeked in . My face brightened up . I pulled her on my lap . She grinned at me and leaned in . I smirked and kissed her .

“So tell me , did Alex raid my wallet ?” I ask

“No why would you say that ?” She asked as she burst out laughing.

“Because you have been looking guilty. Love tell me what’s wrong . You’ve been distant for a long time now . Did I do something?” I asked her feeling horrible

She stared at me in horror “Of course not ! You are everything I’ve ever wished for if not more” she said

“Then what’s the matter ?” I ask

“Um it’s not you , it’s me . I’m um pregnant “ she mumbled

“What ?” I ask not hearing her

“I’m pregnant!” She yelled

I froze . Pregnant?

“Jake ?” She asked looking broken

“Y-you’re p-pregnant?” I struggled with my words

“Two months , I found about a week ago . But I didn’t tell you because I thought you’d be disappointed in me “ she said crying

“Disappointed? Love I’m over the moon for you . You thought I’d be disappointed in you ? I don’t know what I did to ever deserve you . I love so much .” I say hugging her tight

“Now didn’t you say something about me being a father ?” I asked brightening up

She chuckled and looked at me with adoring eyes . Without a second thought I leaned down and kissed the daylights out of her .

“Let’s continue this in the bedroom love .” She murmured against my lips

I smirked and still kissing her I carried her to our bedroom.

Later in the morning

“ Sammy wake up !” I poke her side . She looks beautiful as always. Her brown hair is so soft!!

“Jake you ..” she trails off running to the bathroom.

I hold up her hair as she pukes her guts out .

“I hate morning sickness!” She grumbles

“I’ll make breakfast today . Any suggestions?” I ask

“Ooh pancakes please . With maple syrup!” She squealed

“Pancakes it is !!” I grin at her and go downstairs to make a batch of pancakes.

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