Dancing flames

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Chapter 35

Alex’s POV

I am fucking huge . Seriously Lev has gone cuckoo . He has appointed 5 guards and Jake has appointed 6 around Sam . It’s so frustrating .

And then my stupid pregnancy hormones make me like super horny all the time . Lev was petrified when I started crying because I let a spoon fall . He thought I was being attacked or something. I cried !! Unbelievable.

Anyways we have a meeting in a month to discuss our strong and weak packs . Lev is going to speak as he is the strongest Alpha in the world . So cool! In the last month we Elementals are going to be specially trained by the previous ones .

Lev’s POV

Alex is 6 months pregnant now . Both of us are super excited and we’ve decided to keep the gender a secret .

“Lev! I feel fat !” Alex pouted . I chuckled.

This has happened just about thousand times before ....

“Darling you are pregnant with 3 babies , did you expect your stomach to be flat ?” I ask sarcastically

“Cheeky!” She said smacking my head

“Dria !! That hurt !!!” I whined like a child .

I called her Dria when I wanted to get out of trouble , Alex casually and Lexi when I wanted something or was nervous.

“Mum ! Jace stole my shoes ! Oh hey Lev , Alex “ Jo greeted us

“Jace stole your shoes again ? “ I asked with a sigh

He nodded and then he sniffed “ is that the heavenly smell of the award winning Alex brownies ?” He asked licking his lips

“The brownies!!” Alex shrieked

“Love there are 5 minutes remaining “ I say giving my watch a quick glance

“Oh thank goodness!” She said and sat down

“Jo did you take my .... “ this time Jace sniffed the air “ is that the heavenly smell of the award winning Alex brownies “ he asked licking his lips

“How did you ..” Alex started

“Twin telepathy or something!” I said

“It’s quite annoying if you ask me “ I added

“No one asked you “ the three of them retorted .

“And now my baby twin brothers are ganging up with my mate .” I say indignantly

“Well being a twin offended me love and I always am on the winning party “ Alex winked

I grumbled curses under my breath . The twins both had blonde hair like me and blue eyes , basically they were carbon copies of me . Both of them were popular in school I had heard .

Well being the Alpha’s siblings does help I guess .

“Lev get out of your dreamland ! My brownies! The main reason I let you come in the kitchen was to remove my brownies because I couldn’t do it myself!”Alex grumbled

“Alright cranky pants , I’ll get your brownies “ I chuckled

Alex has been cranky these days but I honestly think it’s adorable . I bet she’s worried about the meeting we are gonna have in India specifically Mumbai.

We are leaving in about 3 weeks and the twins are tagging along so as to learn the ropes . And Jake also promoted Jayden to his Beta . Will or Bry will probably become Gamma once they are of age .

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