Dancing flames

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Chapter 36

Alex’s POV

“Can’t we go visit mum and dad today ?” I ask Lev

“Sure why not . I miss Sam “ he says

At Jake’s house

I walk slowly in .

“Dria ! What are you guys doing here ?” He asks awkwardly hugging me

“What am I not allowed to visit my dearest twin brother and other siblings.” I tease

“Course not but I’ve loaded Jayden with work and the twins are probably in the kitchen coz mum is making their favourite chocolate chunk cookies “ he said while licking his lips

“Yum !” I said devising a plan to raid the kitchen at night with Lev which means Lev will do all the work and I’ll just sit and wait .

Lev and Jake greeted each other and he looked around searching for Sam . She came down “ Who is ....- Lev !” She squealed waddling down

“Hey sis !” Lev grinned running to his very pregnant sister

“Gee sis we are here too ! Way to make us feel welcome!” Jo and Jace grumbled

“Come here you two rascals!” Sam laughted

The twins rushed to her side and gave their older sister a hug

“Alexi !!! “ Will yelled along with Bry

“Will !! Bry !!” I yelled back and tried to hug them . They laughed .

“My babygirl is back home !” Dad yelled

I laughed and gave him a side hug.

“Where’s Mum and Jayden?” I ask enjoying my family’s company

“I’m over here sweetheart!” Mum called out

“Sissy ?” Jayden came down

“Jay ! Come and give me a hug you idiot!” I huffed

He came running and hugged me .

“So .... where’s Clary ?” I asked smirking

He blushed . My brother actually blushed .Damn !

“She’s in the infirmary, her break’s in about half an hour “ he replied

“Well call her afterwards. I want to spend time with her . “ I declare

“How are your Beta duties ?” I ask

“Exhausting. Jake for some reason thinks I’m lazy so he keeps piling the work on me !” Jay glared at Jake who shrugged innocently

“He’s not wrong “ I mumble

“Hey !” Jay protests

“Damn werewolf hearing “ I curse as everyone laughs

“Alex come and give me a hug will you “ my mum called out again

“Coming mum “ I said going to the kitchen. I stared at the kitchen. The walls were coated with either sugar or flour.Eggshells covered the platform . It was also covered with empty bowls and chocolatey whisks , spatulas and milk was splattered on the floor .

“Did a tornado hit the place ?” I spluttered

“No honey this is what happens when the twins and James try to help “ she said rolling her eyes

“Mum I love you and all but I ain’t hugging you like that !” I said eyeing her cautiously . She had a apron on but it was stained with everything sweet possible

“Sweetheart I love you too but even I wouldn’t hug myself right now .” She shuddered

I laughed. Her eyes softened.”How are my grandchildren doing “ she demanded

“I had a ultrasound today . They are three healthy babies .” I grin at her

“Good now I’ll clean up really fast and join you guys “ she smiled kissing me on the cheek

“Alex !” Lev called

“Coming!” I yelled

I went to the living room where Jace was glancing at Will every two minutes. Jo looked bored . Sam was looking amused . Jay was lost with Clary . Lev and Jake were arguing about something. Now they were gonna ask my opinion and then ....

“Alex , Jace is ...” Jake started

“Dating Will ?” I asked raising my eyebrow

Lev and Jake’s jaw dropped to the floor as Sam gave me a knowing look . Jace turned bright red and Will looked like a strawberry. Bry looked like a black thundercloud and Jo smirked enjoying his twin’s torture.

“How did you know ?” Lev finally managed out

“It was obvious and I’m not stupid unlike you guys “ I pointed out as I plopped down next to Lev .

“Hey !” Jake and Lev whined

“She’s not wrong “ Sam supported me

“Sammy !!” Jake whined

“Don’t call me that !!” Sam said crossly

“Don’t side with Lexi then !!” Jake countered

“Fine !” Sam puffed

“So what were you guys arguing about ?” I ask

“Well we need to obviously talk to Jace about dating our little sister “ Jake said his eyes gleaming

“Jake be nice “ I warned

“Jace I’ll be the one questioning you not them . Goodness knows what they’ll do “ I said

A perfect babble broke out but I silenced them with a glare . Lev looked amused and .... oh shit .

“Lev please don’t tell me ...” I started but his smug face said it all

“I can’t help it !!” He defended

“Now people “ I said turning my attention to my family “ You really don’t wanna argue with a pregnant woman .” I said calmly

They gulped and nodded .

“Jace let’s go !” I said

He came with me occasionally helping me .

“You already know that I’m not gonna question you .” I told him smirking

“How could you ? They don’t know that we’re partners in crime “ he said smirking back

“What will you tell them though?” He asked

“I’ll say that I approve “ I answered

“That’s easy . Now show time “ he smirked

“Let’s do this !” I grinned evilly at him

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