Dancing flames

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Chapter 37

Alex’s POV

My peaceful morning was ruined by a scream .Jake’s to be exact . Gosh he screams like a girl .

“I’m gonna kill you Alexandria Victoria Black !!!” His voice came over the house . Lev looked at me then burst out laughing .

“What did you do this time?” He asked grinning

“Nothing I just ....” I trailed off as Jake stormed in the room covered in pink and green slime .

Both of us burst out laughing again.

It was hilarious!! Me , Jace and Will had set up a bucket of slime on the door and warned Sam to let Jake get out before her . The green slime was Jace’s idea and the pink was Willow’s .

“What’s .... oh my god ! Jacob clean up this instant !!!” My mum came in and dropped the basket of clothes in her hands .

“Yes Jacob go ahead clean up .” I taunted

“Yes Alexandria , I will in a moment.” He shot back . I frowned.

“Don’t call me Alexandria!” I snapped

“Don’t call me Jacob then !” He countered

We glared at each other and then....

“JAKE!!” Sam yelled

“What is it ? “ he rushed

“I-I b-broke the p-plate “ she sobbed

Everyone except mum looked at her as if she had grown two heads

“Ew what is that ?” She suddenly asked pointing to his T-shirt.

We all shook our heads in amazement at her mood swings .

“I’ll clean up before more people see me like this .” Jake grumbled heading to his room

Jace , Will and I high fived.

“You two were in this too ?” Lev asked shaking his head in amusement

“We’re partners in crime “ Jace and Will said together

“You heard the them !” I said smirking in Lev’s direction

After 2 weeks

“ARE YOU READY?” Bella yelled

“WE’RE ALMOST DONE “ Lev shouted

We’re going to India today . It’s where the Great Meeting takes place every time of the Arrival. I convinced Lev to me along . Let me tell you that wasn’t easy .

But I’m super excited. I haven’t ever visited India before and I’ve heard a lot of things about it .

“Let’s go love ! We have to meet your family at the airport “ Lev said

“Yeah I’m done .” I said

I was wearing one these pregnancy dresses that didn’t make me look like a sack of potatoes . I actually looked nice . It was a nice sea green colour and came up to my knees . It was trimmed in white .

Lev was wearing casual clothes as the meeting didn’t start till the next day . So today we were just gonna check in and check out the place .

The twins were super excited as well . Jo was more excited to visit but Jace was just looking forward to see Willow. The boy’s whipped.

At the airport

“Sammy !!!” I yelled and speed waddled to my bestie

“Lexi !!!!” She yelled back and tried to run towards me

We side hugged . Jace went directly to Will . I hugged my parents and siblings.

“Clary !!” I said in surprise

“Lu-Alex “ she smiled at me

“Hey man “ Jake and Lev bro hugged

“Cage , Henry how are you guys doing?” Jay and Jake greeted them

“We’re good “ they replied in sync

“Lucy ! Rosey !” Sam squealed

“Sammy !!” The girls squealed as well and hugged their bestie

“Girls we need to go “ Nick called

We walked towards our plane chatting. Then Jay and I just stared in shock . It was a private jet .

“This is how we’re travelling?” I spluttered

“Of course love . You didn’t expect us to go in one of those , did you ?” Lev asked smirking

“We Alphas are super rich Lexi . We can afford this easily “ Jake explained

My mouth formed a ‘o’ in understanding.

Lev’s POV

We got in the jet . We went to our respective rooms . Just as I closed the door , Alex groaned.

“What is it ?” I asked panicking

“Your children kicking” Alex grumbled but I could see amusement twinkling in her eyes

“Is that so ? “ I bent down to reach her pregnant belly and kissed it gently . She giggled .

“Hey guys don’t hurt mommy. “ I whispered softly

Alex giggles again and gave a sigh of content .

“I love the four of you so much “ I said kissing Alex on the head

“Hmm me too .” She said

“Are you tired ?” I asked

“A bit .” She said yawning

We had to wake up super early to pack and Alex had forgotten to be grumpy because of her excitement. Thank god . You do not want to deal with a grumpy Alex .

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