Dancing flames

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Chapter 38

Alex’s POV

“Attention everyone we will touchdown in about 15 minutes.” The pilot’s voice came over .

I woke up from my awkward position because of my baby bump . I saw Lev sleeping on a chair a few feet away. I suddenly felt horrible .

He slept on the chair because of me . I look at the clock in this ridiculous expensive and extremely comfortable room . It’s almost time .

I walk up to Lev to wake him up . Once I’m close my breath hitches , for the first time I see him sleeping peacefully without any problems. His dirty blonde hair is messy and honestly it’s sexy . His face is relaxed and - oh god - he is so handsome .

I poke him in the side . He wakes up startled.

“Oh hey Lex , sleep good ?” He asks sleepily

“Yeah what about you ? You shouldn’t have slept on the chair “ I scold

“You didn’t exactly leave much space love “ he said scratching his head

“Gee thanks “ I replied sarcastically

“You hungry ?” He asked

“Starving “ I replied

“Burgers with pickles dipped in cheese ?” He asked

I nod

Lev’s POV

I went to get us both some food .

“Mum ? What are you doing here ?” I ask surprised

“I really don’t like plane food sweetie so Mia and I decided that we were gonna cook .” Mum explained

“Oh “ I said

“Alex’s hungry again isn’t she ?” Mum chuckled

“Yeah “ I say

“Is she tired of the chicken burger with pickles dipped in cheese ?” Mum asks moving to start , she already knows

“That’s the exact order “ I say smirking

“Bella I’m almost- oh hi Lev . Are you helping us ?” Mia beamed at me

“Actually I came to take Alex’s order “ I say laughing

“There it’s ready “ mum announces

“Already?” I ask in disbelief

“We already knew what she wanted so we prepared it beforehand. I just asssembled it “ Mum explains

“Oh . I’ll take it to her then .” I say taking the tray

“Lev I’ve added a sandwich as well . That’s for you “ Mia calls

“Alright thanks “ I say

I walked towards our room when I heard the twins arguing. Again .

Do these idiots ever shut up ?

I sighed , delivered Alex’s order and went to the twin’s room .

My kind heart runs away with me sometimes....

“What the hell are you -“ I ducked as a pillow came flying at me “ What the hell guys ?” I asked

“Will and Brian are arguing. Again .” Jo says

“What about ?” I ask

“Wait for it “ Jace grinned


“IT BELONGS ON PIZZA!!” Bry insisted

“What the fucking hell ?” I asked in disbelief

“That’s what they’re arguing about?”

“Yeah . It seems pretty stupid to me !” Jo sighs

“Bunch of children !” Jace comments

The twins whipped their head in Jace and Jo’s direction. I guess they heard them . Jace and Jo visibly gulped .

“WHAT DID YOU CALL US ? “They both thundered

“Um the most amazing twins we’ve ever seen ?”Jace attempted . But it was like his was questioning himself about it

“LIARS!!!” Will yelled

“WE ARE GONNA GET YOU “ Bry hollered then added with a sly smile “ Get ready coz you did the mistake of pissing Willow off . That’s a bad thing . She’s on my side now .”

Jace gulped and Jo shuddered . They looked at each other with desperation “We’re dead aren’t we ?” They both asked at the same time

This time the Black twins answered grinning wickedly “ Oh yes you are !” They both said with a smile that would make the devil weep .

I shuddered. You do not want to get on the bad side of these rascals . They may be small but their pranks are truly horrible.

Once they put switched out sugar and salt . I was whipping the cream by hand as there was no electricity. I added salt in my whipped cream . When I went to taste it , you can imagine. I almost cried . My hour’s hard work gone to the trash can .

I chased them around of the house for a good half an hour . They were so tired at the end that I contented myself with that .

Do not do that again ! I really don’t want to get in their bad books .

Chase growled

“Me too mate “ I answered

“Right I’ll be off guys “ I call out

“Bye Lev “ they yell and get back to their bickering

I entered our room . Alex’s was sitting in the rocking chair smiling down on her belly. I smiled

“Hey love “ I say

“Lev ! Where were you ?” She asked smiling brightly at me

“The twins were arguing “

“Hmm was it about pineapples on pizzas ?”

“How did you know “

“I ate it . Brian was curious so I told him to try it . He ate it too and said it was heavenly. He has been bugging Will to try too . But she hasn’t budged has she ?”

“Nope !” I said popping the ‘p’

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