Dancing flames

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Chapter 39

Alex’s POV

We landed. As we were getting out of the airport we were surrounded by bodyguards and the press shooting questions at us. Lev looked irritated.

“They are giving me a headache. Why are so excited to see us ?” I asked grumpily

“Sis , we are kinda famous you know ?” Jake tried to explain scratching his head

“Is that how you explain?” Sam asked sighing “ Alex the Black and the Reign families are super rich so we are pretty popular anywhere around the world .” She said

“Oh” I said

“Mr Black is this the lost lost Alexandria Black ?”

“Ms Black are you a model ?”

“Mrs Black is this Jayden Black ?”

“Mr Reign are you engaged to Ms Black here ?”

“Mr Black how does it feel to be reunited with your family after all these years ?”

The bodyguards managed to keep them at bay though I could still hear them.

Four black cars were waiting for us with even more bodyguards.

“Finally !!” The twins all grumbled together

“That was....annoying!” I said trying to pick the perfect word

“Tell me about it !” Lev said crankily

“Let’s get in the car already “ Sam grumbled

We all were in a pretty irritated mood.

We headed towards our hotel which was close to the airport.

I saw about 5 buildings in a beautiful golden colour with a fountain in the middle like in the movies. People in turbans were bustling about. The whole place radiated a positive vibe. Our moods changed instantly.

“How beautiful!” I gasped

“It is , isn’t it ?!” Lev asked enthusiastically

“Let’s check in “ Dad said

“Alright “ I said

We went into the lobby which had this expensive but homy feel.

Lev and Jake went to check us in while the rest of us chatted randomly.

“Guys we’ll all have side to side rooms and the kiddos will be sharing one room .” Lev announced

“Why us ?” Will asked crossly” I’m the only girl and that’s not fair !” She whined

“Come on Will !” Brian tried coaxing her

“Come on Will I’ll be there too !” Jace said flexing his non-existent muscles

Willow sighed in defeat and mumbled a fine.

“Are you tired sis ?” Jay asked her

“Very !” She grumbled

“Come on I’ll carry you to your room” Jay said chuckled

He bent down and picked her up as if she had no weight. She sighed contendly and wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled closer to him.

Jace looked a bit envious. I put a hand on his shoulder and said” You’ll get your turn but right now you’re not big enough “

He nodded.

“Aw lemme take a pic “ I said taking out my phone .

“She’s asleep, she can’t hear you “ Jay said

I quickly snapped a photo and checked my phone for messages.

Message from Em: Boss we got trouble. Our third shipment was crashed by The Silver Serpents. We managed to catch one of them. When are you coming back ?

I sighed and called Jay aside.

“What’s up Lex ?” He asked

“Em texted me.” I told him showing the message

“Oh” he said and started reading

“Do you want me to go back ? “ he asked getting serious

“No Em can handle it. We can’t go back now. It’ll be too suspicious.” I said shaking my head

“I don’t like keeping it a secret Alex “ he told me

“Me too Jay but we have to.” I tried

“Alright” he said

“When we go back I’ll take care of it “ I told him

“No you’re pregnant and I’m not risking my nieces or nephews lives “ he said firmly


“Fine “ I huffed

“Alex come on !” Lev called

“You know why I can’t give up the gang .” I whispered

“It’s the only thing I have left of him.”

“I know” he said understanding

We went to our rooms. I yawned feeling tired.

“Do you wanna sleep ?” Lev asked

“Yeah I’ll just get changed .” I said kissing his cheek.

I changed and slipped in the bed.

Lev’s POV

Ring Ring

“What is it?” I asked

“The damn serpents again.” Cage informed sounding frustrated

“Why can’t they get their own shipments ?” I asked irritated

“How much did we lose and how many injuried ?” I asked

“1 million and 26 minor injuries and 3 majors .” He said

Well shit..

“Alright place another order and this time don’t fuck up. Also take care of the members and tell Thomas I’ll see him as soon as I return” I ordered

“Yes Pitch .” He said

Message from Tom:Hey man when are you coming back ? The little fuckers stole our last shipment.

Message from Me to Tom: I’ll be back soon and they’ll regret ever messing with us. We’ll teach those motherfuckers are lesson not to fuck around with The Black Wolves.

I sent the message.

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