Dancing flames

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Chapter 40

Alex’s POV

“Hey Lev can Jayden and I go visit some family friends tomorrow? The meeting is in the evening right?” I asked nervously

“I thought you said you never visited India before?”he asked suspiciously

I laughted to throw him off the hook.

“Oh no I haven’t but a friend lives here and I would really like to go and visit him.” I said

“Oh alright I can’t come though. You’ll be fine without me right?” He asked

“Yeah don’t worry so much.” I said

“Alright. How are you going then ?”

“Oh Ashwin is going to pick us up.” I said

Lev growled

“ Chill he’s just a friend “ I said laughing at his jealousy

“I know I trust you but Chase can’t stand the idea “ he said sighing

“It’s ok now I have to talk to Jayden about tomorrow and then I’ll come and sleep “ I said

I walked out and went to Jay’s room. I knocked softly and a sleepy looking Jayden came into view.

“Nice pj’s” I commented

He was wearing the Spider-Man pj’s and I couldn’t help myself

“What Alex ?” He asked yawning

“Ashwin will pick us up tomorrow in the morning. We have some problems in his section.” I whispered the last part

“What time ?”

“Around 8. Did you tell Clary ? “I asked


“Alright night bro “

“Night Lex “

With that I made my way back to my room. I went directly to bed.

Next morning...

I woke up with someone jumping on my bed.

“What the fuck ?!” I said groggily

“Morning sunshine. You wanted to wake up early right ?” Lev asked as he stopped jumping

“This is how you wake me up ? What time is it ?” I asked

“It’s 7 love. Go take a shower. You have to get ready for that family visit if yours.” He reminded me

“Oh shit. I totally forgot. Thank god I told you” I say groaning

“Yes now go before I take the shower “ he said


Where is he ?!

“Ash I swear if you’re not here in 2 minutes I will personally kick your ass “ I threaten on the phone

“Calm down S , I’m getting there !” A familiar voice said

A minute later a beautiful red car drove right in front of us.

“Well what’re you waiting for ? Get in !” A raven haired boy called out

“I call shotgun!” Jay yells getting in the front seat

“Wow you have gained weight and your hair is red like a tomato “ ash commented


“I am pregnant you dumbass!!!” I huff getting in the car

“Who’s the poor guy ? “ he asks

“You little....” I start

“Just joking S, how have you idiots been ?” He says laughing

“Good “ Jay says grinning

“So any girl in your life Ash?” I ask smirking

He blushed.

“Oohhh Who is it “ jay teases

“Her name is Riya. Please S don’t scare her away “

“Now why would I do that “ I asked innocently

“Yeah right “ he muttered

“What was that Ashwin?” I demanded

“N-nothing you scary ass woman “ he stuttered

Mama still got it !!!

“Good, also what’s the problem in the sector?” I ask

“Some dumb gang decide that it was a good idea to blow up our base , “ he said clutching the wheel

My tone hardened.

“Any dead ?” I asked gritting my teeth

“3 dead and since you were here I figured you’d like to try to interrogate the girl we captured?” He asked

“Sweet. And a girl you say ?” I asked smirking

“Yup “

“No boys ?” Jay asked looking disappointed

“3 boys as well but they won’t open their mouths”

“Oh yes! This is going to be so much fun!” Jayden cheered

“So Shadow and Stallion ready to get sone answers?”

“Hell yeah !” We both answered smirking.

Alex What’s going on ?!

Shit I completely forgot about that.

Blaze um so...

Don’t even try to lie ! Who the bloody hell is Shadow?! And you blocked me out for days ?!

Alright I’ll explain. I’m a gang leader of the Silver Roses , my adoptive father’s gang. My code name is Shadow. I was an assassin which is why I can fight well.

I can’t leave the gang because it’s the only thing I have left of him. I know he isn’t my real father but he raised him.

And I didn’t know I was blocking you.

Oh Alex. It’s fine but does everyone know ?

No I’ll tell them when im ready.


“Alexandria!” Ash yells

“I’m sorry what ?” I ask

“We’ve been calling you for the past 5 minutes “ jay says

“Oh sorry I zoned out “ I apologise

“It’s alright we’ll reach the warehouse in 5 so get ready “ Ash says

We need to tell him Jays says through the mind link

How about you show him in his office? I suggest


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