Dancing flames

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Chapter 41

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Mia’s POV

“YOU WANT TO WHAT ?!” James yelled shocked. I couldn’t blame him.

“I want to sing again.” I said quietly

“B-but you haven’t sung in 18 years.. “ he says sadly

“No I don’t want to sing for others , I want to sing for my family..” I said

“Sweetheart can I please hug you ?” He askes his eyes brimming with tears

“Come here” I went closer to him and hugged him.

“Thank you I needed it “ he said

I gave up singing 18 years ago because of Jayden and Alex. They were my babies , my life. They were gone so I didn’t have any reason to sing , so I stopped.

“Y-you’re s-singing again ?” Jake spluttered from the doorway. He looked shocked

“Yes darling...” I said quietly

“Mum that’s amazing!” He said and started sobbing lightly

“Come here honey “ I went and hugged him too

Jake’s POV

My mum is singing again.....

I just couldn’t control myself. Her voice was extraordinary and just mesmerising. But she had stopped singing when Jay and Alex were taken away.

If she was singing again , it meant a lot to us. She was finally happy again.

I still remember....


“Mama sing ! Sing !” We whined at Mum

She laughed and asked us which song we wanted .

Ain’t nobody !!!” We yelled together

She smiled and turned on the karaoke. She started singing and me Dria began dancing to the chorus.

Ain’t nobody loves me better

Makes me happy makes me feel this way

Ain’t nobody loves me better than you

“Mama you were amazing!!!” We cheered

“Thanks twins ! I love you guys !” She said blowing us a kiss

“We love you too mama !” We said blowing one back

“Always and forever!” We three echoed

End of flashback

Alex’s POV

“Ash ? We need to talk.” I said nervously

“Can it wait ? Nani will have my head if you don’t see her first.” He said laughing

“Yeah.” I said

We entered a huge mansion where Ash lead us to a room.

“Nani!!!!!” I yelled and speed waddled to her. She was exactly as I remembered her , her white hair in waves around her face , she was wearing a beautiful pink sari.

“Alex?!” She looked startled but laughed softly when she saw me

“Godmother ? What are you doing here in India?!” My godson Alan said while side hugging me

“I missed you guys ! “ I said laughing all the while

“Where are the twins ?” Jay asked happily

“We are here !!” Aryah and Riona yelled

Rio and Aryah are Alan’s sisters. They are 7 years old and Alan’s 15. Their parents died in a gang fight so Ash took them in and Nani took care of them.

“So Nani where is Nana ?” I asked

“I’m right here kiddo.” A deep voice with a thick Indian accent came behind me.

“Nana !” I squealed and hugged the man who had been like a grandfather to me.

“It’s been too long my dear..” Nani said

“It has” jay nods

“And Alex why did you dye your hair , it was beautiful just the way it was. You too Jayden “ Nana remarked

“I think it’s time we told them Alex” Jay said quietly

He was nervous I could tell. So was I. I didn’t want to lose them. They were too important. I didn’t want them to fear me.

“Let’s go in the office “ I said

We all went to the office and Jayden stripped.

“Jayden Starr what in the world are you doing?!” Nani asked horrified

“Just give him a moment Nani “ I said calmly

Jayden stopped and shifted.

I looked over to see their reactions. Ash , Nani and Alan looked shocked. Nana had a thoughtful face on and the twins-bless their innocence- ran over to Jayden and ran their hands over his thick fur.

“We are werewolves Nani” I whispered

“W-what?! How is this possible ?” Ash asked

“Do you think of us as monsters now ?” I asked sadly

“Heavens no! You are my children and as far as I am concerned you can transform into these creatures. They are after all big dogs.” Nana said

“You could never be a monster for us .” Nani declared though I bet she was shocked out of her life

I huge weight was lifted off my chest.

“So you don’t hate us ?” I asked nervously

“No my dear.” They said together

“Ash ?” I looked over to my friend

“Will he bite ?” He asked nervously

I laughed. “Touch him “ I said

Asher growled playfully and Ashwin ran for his life but I had locked the door as I didn’t want to be interrupted.

“Save me !” He said climbing on a desk

“You do know that he can jump right ?” I asked amused

The twins meanwhile were having the time of their lives. Jayden let them ride on his back. They were squealing and shouting.

“Alright Jay you can shift back now “ I told him

He shifted and dressed quickly.

“Thanks man. I thought I was dead meat “ ash said

“I’d never hurt you guys.” Jayden promised

“Jay-Jay turn back !!” The twins shouted at him

“Later guys.” Jay said grinning like an idiot

We explained everything to them. Mates , Alphas , Packs , Elementals and our inner wolves.

All of them were fascinated.

“Guys you can’t tell anyone “ I said

“My dear Alexandria , you know we won’t. And even if we did , who would believe us ?” Nana commenter dryly

“I trust you guys Nana.” I said smiling

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