Dancing flames

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Chapter 42

Alex’s POV

“Nani I’m starving “ I groaned

“Oh how silly of me ! Let me make you something real quick. Do you want anything in particular ?” She asked

“Um something sour Nani “ I said licking my lips

“When do we get to deal with the prisoners?” Jay whined

“Ah nah ! You will eat first !” Nani said firmly

“Also my darling Shadow when will we meet your new family?” Nana asked stroking his chin

“Soon Nana. They are the Black family” I answered

The Black ?! “ Ash asked in disbelief

“Yeah what about it ?” Jay asked stuffing himself with sweets

“Do you guys live under a rock ? The Black are one of the richest families in the world. Along with Reigns of course .” Alan informed us

“Uh did I tell you guys that Lev is my mate ?” I asked

“Lev who ?” They asked together

“Levstorm Reign ?” I said nervously


“Well say something !” I said freaking out

“It’s nothing S. We are just a bit shocked. Mates are lovers for life or something , right ?” Ash asked

“Yeah , I still can’t believe that you guys took the news of us being werewolves so calmly” I said

“Nana how about you come with us next month to meet the family?” Jay asked

“Good idea son. I’ll get the private jet ready” Nana beamed

Yeah I’m used to private jets. But I had to pretend to be shocked. And also about my job as a waitress. That was just a cover.

“So we are visiting Beverly Hills soon ?!” Rio asked excitedly

I nodded.

After lunch

“Can we go already?” I whined

“Alex I’m stuffed. You can take the 1 boy “ jay said clutching his stomach

“Yassss!!!” I cheered

“Children. I work with a bunch of children.” Ash sighed

“Oh I’ll show you how childish I can be.” I said threatening

“Alexandria what did I say about threats in the family?!” Nana warned

“Sorry Nana.” I apologised

“Hello who are you ?” A sweet voice came from the doorway

“Ria !” Ash lightened up like a Christmas tree

She laughed softly and kissed him on the cheek.

The girl was beautiful with black hair and dark eyes.

“I’m Alex , nobody told you about me ?!” I asked

“Oh wait the Alex ! Of course I know you ! Who doesn’t?!” She started off with the excitement of a child.

She was perfect for Ash.

“Ria love you’re rambling again “ ash said

“What did you say ?! “ Ria asked her eyes gleaming

“I love you a lot “ Ash gulped quickly

“Aww I love you too “ she cooed

“You guys are so cute !” I said

“We try !” They said in unison

“Oh and watch out Saya is down the corridor. Come on Alex , I’ll show you to the prisoners. “ she gestured to the door

“No ! Please ! Ria don’t let me suffer ! “ ash yelled

“Whose Saya ?” I asked as we walked down some corridor to the cells

“Oh she’s like the mean girl. And she’s obsessed with Ash. She’s quite spoiled if you ask me.” Ria explained

“Then how did you guys let her enter the gang ? “ I asked curiously

“Oh the only thing she’s good at , is deception. She deceives the target while we do the rest.” Ria said

I was walking without paying much attention and bumped into some random girl.

“Look where you’re going , fatso !” She said rudely

She was really pretty but it’s beauty was spoiled because of a huge frown lacing her face.

“Are you blind ? She’s pregnant not fat !” Ria defended me

“Whatever. Who do think you are ? Coming and pushing me like that. I’ll tell Ashwin. And then he’ll kill you.” the girl continued yellowing at me

But I couldn’t hold it in. I started laughing.

“You’ll tell Ashwin to kill me ?” I asked wiping the tears that rolled down my cheeks because of laughing so hard.

“Do you even know who Ashwin is , you fool ?” She screamed

Alex rip her head off ! How dare she disrespect me ?!

Blaze was angry.

“God shut up ! My eardrums are bleeding!” Ria said irritably

“Ria who is this ?” I asked finally regaining my composure

“This “ Ria gestured “ is the Saya I was talking about “

My mouth formed an ‘o’ in understanding. Not even a day here and I already disliked someone.

“So Saya , do you know who I am ?” I ask casually

“I don’t know and I don’t care. Ash is the one in charge here not you. “ she continued and flicked her hair.

How dare she insult us ?! Let’s teach her a lesson on respect.

Blaze suggested.

As she walked past me I grabbed her hand , twisting it I pinned her against the wall. With the other free hand I rested it on her neck.

I leaned towards her ear and whispered “ I’m Shadow. Ever heard that name ? One snap and I can kill you. So give me one good reason not to , you have disrespected me too much.”

Even though her heartbeat was pacing fast she maintained her composure.

“That’s impossible. Shadow is a man. I saw him myself.” She tried squirming under my grip

“That was my brother and I don’t think that he likes be referred to as a woman “ I say smoothly

And then she finally showed fear.

“I-I am s-sorry. I d-didn’t k-know it was y-you.” She trembled

“Good dog. Now run along.” I smiled

She walked away shakily.

“That was not only impressive but pretty entertaining as well” Ria commented

“Impressive why ?” I asked

“Girl you’re pregnant and you pinned her against the wall.” She said

“Oh , guess I felt really disrespected that’s all.” I lied. I felt insulted , had Blaze been here she would’ve ripped her throat out. I just went easy on her.

“We’re here” Ria announced

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