Dancing flames

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Chapter 43

Alex’s POV

We arrived at a dreary looking place.

“You guys installed new biometrics ?” I asked

“Oh yeah. Better safe then sorry right ?” Ria smiled at the guards and said something in a different language.

“Out of curiosity , which language was that ?”

“That was Hindi , it’s the most common language here. Come on. The girl first ?” She asked

I nodded as she led me to cell 203

“Also a weird fact : All of them have dyed silver hair “


“Don’t know”

Ria opened the door by pressing her thumb on the pad on the door

A girl beat up was lying on the floor.

“Get up. “ I ordered

“I-I can’t “ she mumbled

“Pick her up and put her in a chair.” I told the guards

“Yes Shadow “ They said together

They picked her up roughly and put her in a nearby chair.

“Who are you ?” I asked calmly

“D-Diana” she stuttered

“Why did your gang blow up my base ?” I asked

“I-I c-can’t t-tell you. H-he w-will k-kill my f-family”

This time I used the Alpha command

“Why did your gang do it ?” I asked again

“They are threatened by yours !” She choked out


“Are you forced to be in the gang ?” I asked

“Y-yes , they threatened to kill my family.” She sobbed

“Do you know that we have captured other members of your gang ?”

“You can kill them for all I care !” She spat in disgust

“Why ?” I asked genuinely curious

“He’s awful !”

“Which one are you talking about ? If I remember correctly , 3 boys were captured “

“The one in the cell beside me. He’s name is Sid. I hate him.” She said

“So Diana why are you telling all this ?”

“I want to get out of this life. I never asked for any of this.” She sobbed

“Tom !” I called

“Yes S ?” The guard named Tom came in front

“I missed you kiddo.” He said warmly

“I missed you too. But we have work to do. I want you to give Diana here a room in the house.” I said

“Alright S and should I send for the doc as well ?” He asked , his brow furrowed in confusion at my order. But he didn’t question me and carried out the order.

“He didn’t even question your orders ?” Diana asked in disbelief

“Nobody does. I maybe pregnant but I’m just as dangerous if not more.” I told her matter-of-factly

“The loyalty is amazing “ she said looking impressed

“It is. Also Diana I’m giving you a chance , betray me and I’ll kill you.” I stated

“Of course. I understand”

“Tom will take you to your room.” I say gesturing to him

“Follow me” Tom nodded at her

I walked over to Nana’s living room where everyone was talking.

“Hey guys !” I say

“You already done with the girl ?” Ash asked in surprise

“Didn’t take too long “ I shrugged

“Rio and Ary!!!” A high pitched voice called out

I groaned in exasperation. Saya

“It’s Riona to you “ Rio said coldly

“And Aryah to you “ Aryah said

“No twins it’s madam for her “ I said

“No Rio ! No Ary ! “ Saya continued as if she hadn’t heard us

“Did you not hear me ?” I asked coldly

“M-madam S-shadow “ she stuttered noticing me

“I won’t tell you twice. You call everyone present here with ‘sir’ or ‘madam’. Are we clear ?”

“Ria you’re needed in the hackers room.” She said

“Ye-“ I cut Ria off


“B-but Ria i-isn’t in t-the f-family “ she argued

I was fuming by now. How stupid is she ?! My order was so simple !

“Ria is family to me ! And if I ever catch you disrespecting someone , I’ll not hesitate to put a bullet through your head “ I raged

“Sis calm down. It’s not good for the babies “ jay placed a hand on my shoulder silently calming me down.

I took a deep breath

“Are we clear ?!” I asked

“Y-yes m-madam “ she said shakily

“Good now leave !” I said pointing to the door

She almost ran for life.

“I hate her already!” I said

“Us too but she’s good at what she does , so until we find another one she’s staying “ Ash said

“Well you could’ve told us , we’ll ask Alejandro and Antonio for a deceiver.” Jay decided

“Good idea.” I agreed

“The boy’s remaining , isn’t he ?” Nana asked

“Shit I completely forgot !” I realised

“Language ! You know we don’t swear here Alex !” Nani said disapprovingly

“Sorry Nani , it slipped out !” I apologised

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