Dancing flames

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Chapter 44

Alex’s POV

“I’ll take the boy on now.” I said

“Follow me.” Ria called out

“Oh and Ria , I want a background check on the prisoner girl , Diana and also tell someone to keep an eye on her. I don’t trust her yet. I’ll take the guy named Sid.” I said

“Alright. But be careful , he’s a crazy one. I don’t want anything to happen to your baby.” She said her voice laced with concern

“First off , he doesn’t know what I’m capable of. Second off , I’m dangerous. Third off , babies I’m having triplets” I corrected her


“So doc , how are my babies?” I asked extremely nervous

“They are three healthy babies. Luna Congratulations!!” June says smiling brightly

“Are you ok ?! “ Lev burst through the door

“Congrats Alpha ! You are gonna have three beautiful babies!” June congratulated Lev

And the next moment , he fainted.

“What the hell happened to him ?!” I asked horrified

“I’m guessing it was shock” June shrugged it off

“But he heard their heartbeats ?” I asked confused

“I think the it hit him just now. Don’t worry dear he’ll be alright “ June said

Flashback ends

She gasped , “ Oh my !! Congrats !”

“Thank you and don’t worry about me , I’m pregnant so my patience will be quite short , he try anything funny and I’ll kill him on the spot. And tell Ash to explain about me and Jayden “ I said entering cell 204

“What about you and Ja-Stallion?” She cut herself off before revealing my real name.

“You’ll see.” Was all I said

Ria’s POV

I wonder what she meant by that ? My thoughts were cut short as I heard a blood curdling scream pierce my ears. I took a moment to register the voice. It was a guy’s.

Alex was safe , thank god.

She made him scream so fast ?! That’s freaking impossible !!

We had been torturing him for a day now and not a sound came out of the guy’s mouth.

She must be really scary.

Note to self : Never piss Alex off......

Alex’s POV

I entered the cell , scrunching my nose as the smell of blood hit my nose.

“Why hello there.” I greeted Sie-or whatever his name was-

He spoke something in Hindi I think.

“English please.” I say politely

“What the hell ?! Are they so desperate for information that they sent a pregnant woman ?! That’s bloody hilarious.” He said laughing

Wow. Diana was right.

Dude’s bat shit crazy....

“Alright then , since you just ruined my mood , we won’t chat.” My voice now turned cold and hardened” Name ?”

“Fuck off bitch.” He spat

“You want to play ? Alright we’ll play “ I said turning my eyes black to scare him.

He let out a blood curdling scream.

Ooohh not so cocky now , is he ?

Blaze snickered in my head

B control yourself. I’m not done yet. I need the info.

Who the hell is B ?

You dumbass. It’s a nickname.

Oh and please teach him some manners will you ?

Gladly i smirked at her

“Wh-What a-are y-you ?!” He whimpered

“Oh honey I’m a werewolf “ I stated as if it was the most obvious thing on earth

“That’s impossible!!” He screeched

“Stop shouting ! Believe what you want to. I don’t give a damn. Now what I do give a damn about is , the death of my members.” At this point I was gritting my teeth.” Your stupidity cost me the lives of 3 gang members. Now tell me , who is your boss and where is he or she hiding?”

“I-I w-won’t t-tell y-you sh-shit “ he said trying to sound confident

Failing miserably , I might add

“Alright the hard way then.” I said focusing my energy in my palm. A small flame appeared in my hand.

He let out another horrifying scream.

I played with flame between my fingers.

“Sooo.... are you gonna tell me or...” I trailed off

“I-I’ll t-tell y-you.” He stammered

“My name is Sid. My gang is the Dark Horses. My boss , her name is Cathy and she’s crazy. She’s literally come out of asylum. She took over her father’s gang a week ago and has done nothing except blowing other gang’s bases to show them whose boss.” He finished trembling

“Hmm and where is she now ?” I asked

“Behind the 5 star hotel , she has a warehouse there .”

“Alright thanks a lot and if you ever tell anyone what you saw here , I’ll kill you in the most painful way possible “ I said my voice low and extremely dangerous

“Y-yes “ he managed to choke out.

“I think he shit himself.” Tom commented

“Tom !” I said and hugged him.

Tom was Nana and Nani’s bodyguard for as long as I could remember. Whenever Nana visited us Tom would always come too. He was one of the few people who knew my real name. Shadow was just a business name.

“Did they tell you ?” I asked cautiously

“Yes and don’t worry kiddo , you’re not a monster to me. I am too old for this shit anyways.” He said chuckling

“Hey ! You’re not old but haven’t you ever thought of retiring?” I asked curiously

“Heavens no ! You want me to die alone in a abandoned cottage , young lady ?” He asked arching his thick grey eyebrows

I laughed.

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