Dancing flames

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Chapter 45

Alex’s POV

“JAYDEN !” I yelled

“I’M COMING!” He shouted back as Nani loaded him with bags.

“Bye Nani.” I said hugging her gently

“You’ll visit us again , got that ?” Alan said threateningly

“Of course I’ll visit my favourite godson” I laughed

“You’re only godson , you mean “ he retorted

“Way to ruin the moment “ I rolled my eyes at him

“Hey come back alive okay?” Ash said tears brimming in his eyes

“I’ll try.”

“How did we manage to bring 3 bags again ?” I asked looking at the huge bags stuffed with all kinds of treats

“I have no clue. Nani has given us enough for a month.” Jay sighed

“Alex !!!” A voice came

Lev came running and hugged me.

“I missed you too “ I said laughing

“You have no idea how boring it was. Jake and Sam kept flirting. Will , Brian , Jace and Jo kept arguing. Need I continue ?” He asked looking tired.

“No , I’m good. I had an amazing time.” I said excitedly

“How much did you shop ?” He asked looking behind me

“That was Nani. She loaded all sorts of goodies in there.” I said

“Those sweets smell heavenly.” He said licking his lips

“Stop sniffing !! They are for all of us. Nani wanted to make a good first impression on my ‘new’ family “ I said

“She sounds like a sweet person.” He said

“She is. But let’s go , I need to get ready for the meeting.” I said gesturing to the entrance

“Alex I need to talk to you.” Jay called

“What is it ?” I whispered

“We need to call Al (Alejandro) and Tony (Antonio) about 2 deceivers. I can do it “ he said

“Alright take care of that. I’ll be busy for most of the evening with the Alpha meeting.” I said

“Ok see ya sis.” He waved me off as Clary came to the view

Lev’s POV

Finally !!! It’s been super boring without Alex here.

“I’m taking the shower first.” Alex demanded

“What ? Why ?!” I asked

“Because I need time to look good.” She said in a ‘duh’ tone

“Sweetheart you always look good.” I said kissing her cheek.

“Um Lev , I also kinda invited Nani and Nana to visit us in California next month.” She said nervously

“Oh that’s nice. We’ll get to know them. Do they know about us ?” I asked a bit worried

“Yes and they think it’s cool. “ she said looking relieved

“It’s alright love. Go and take your shower. I’ll wait here , I have some work to do anyways.”

“I’ll be out in 15 minutes max. “She said

“Hmm.” I said leaning to kiss her

“Lev” she tried “ lev I’ve got to get ready.”

“Ok fine.” I said a bit annoyed

“Hey don’t be a grandpa !” She said laughingly and kissed me on the cheek.

“Go before I change my mind.” I said licking my lips

Outside the meeting room

We were waiting outside for the waiting room when suddenly out of nowhere Dad began growling.

“What is it , James ?” Mum asked looking worried

Then Dad’s angry expression turned into pure shock and disbelief.

A man who looked like Dad’s carbon copy was walking down to the meeting room reading some documents.

“X-Xavier ?” My Dad breathed out , his voice barely above a whisper as if he was scared that the man would disappear into thin air.

The man called Xavier looked up at the mention of his name , and then looked horrified.

My dad was pinning him to the wall a spilt second later snarling at him.

“How the hell are you alive ?” Dad spat

“J-jamie I-I c-can’t b-breathe.” Xavier gasped for air.

Don’t call me Jamie !! You lost the right.” Dad growled at him

“James let him go. Come on honey , you’re scaring the twins.” Mum tried. Willow and Brian had come behind me and were trembling in fright.

Jace , Jo go to Lev now !! I ordered them through the mindlink.

They both although scared , moved silently towards Lev who pushed them behind himself.

Lev let me handle this

Are you sure ?


“Dad let him go.” I said in a calm voice


Dad let him go !” I said but this time using my Alpha command.

Dad struggled for a while then gave up. He maybe an Alpha but I was an Alpha and an Elemental.

Xavier took in deep breaths of air as a petite tanned woman came running towards him looking worried.

“What did you do to him ? “ she screamed

“No mi querido , que es mi culpa.” Xavier said trying to soothe his -maybe- wife.(No my dear it’s my fault)

“Qué es tu culpa ? “ I asked in Spanish surprising everyone (What is your fault)

“What ? I had cousins there. “ I said shrugging it off

“Alexandria ?” Xavier asked as if he were seeing a ghost

“Quién es ? Habla inglés ?” I continued in Spanish( Who are you ? Do you speak English ?)

“Yes I can.” Xavier answered in English

“Oh alright. Who are you and how do you know me and my family ? I have seen some photos of you in my house.” I shot 3 questions in a row

“You do not remember me , you were too young when I left.” He said sadly as though bad memories came rushing back.

“I-I...” He looked down looking almost ashamed

“Go ahead tell them , you coward.” Dad snarled at him

“I am your dad’s twin brother , your uncle.”

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