Dancing flames

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Chapter 46

Alex’s POV

My what now ?!

“Did I hear him right ?” I asked shocked out of my life. All this time , I didn’t know that my dad had any siblings much less a twin.

I am a horrible daughter....

“Yes.” Mum said sadly

“So the pictures on the walls are of him ?” I asked

“Hey we’re he- Woah why do all of you look like you’ve seen ghosts ?” Jake came along hand in hand with Sam

“Hmm.” Jay looked at Xavier thoughtfully for a moment and then said,” There’s someone new , Jake do you know him ?”

“No but he looks familiar.” Jake frowned as though unable to remember

“Jacob ?” Uncle-I have to call him that I guess-Xavier asked

“What?” Jake asked obviously confused how the stranger knew his name.

“I named my son after you. Because I , like a stupid idiot I am , I thought you were dead. In remembrance of you.” Dad snapped

“Y-you d-did th-that ?” Uncle Xav asked his voice shaking with emotion.

“Jake what’s your full name ?” Dad demanded

“Jacob Xavier Black.” Jake answered without hesitation

“Alright that’s enough , we’re gonna be late for the meeting. We’ll discuss this afterwards.” Lev ordered taking control of the situation.

“Dad I know you’re angry but don’t disrespect or let your emotions take the better of you in the meeting.” I warned him

“I know Alexandria.” He replied coldly and walked away

“He doesn’t mean it honey.” Mum whispered

“I know Mum. It’s alright.”I sighed

“So Uncle Xav , Who is this ?” I asked a bit uncomfortably

“Uncle Xav ?” He asked getting a bit teary-eyed

“Um yeah , I mean you are out uncle whether we like it or not.” Jake said

“You are absolutely identical !” The little woman saif excitedly clapping her hands

“Marie don’t scare them.” Xav said

“What did you say ?! “ her mood changed completely as he said that

“I love you a lot.” He said calmly without batting an eyelash at her outburst. He must have gone through this before and gotten a proper solution.

“I love you too.” Marie cooed

“Guys this is my mate , Marie. Marie this is my family.” He said introducing me , mum and Jake.

He came to a stop , looking at Jayden carefully.

“Mia how many children did you have after Jake and Alex ?” He asked

“I have 5 children Xavier. Two pair of twins and a boy. That’s Jayden , Brian the older twin and lastly Willow the younger twin and the youngest of the family.” Mum said laughingly

“I see what are their ages ?”

“Jake and Alex are 20 , Jayden is 18 and Brian and Will are 14. What about you Xav , how many kids do you have ?”

“Only two , twin boys. They are a handful but a blessing. And don’t let them hear that , they are too full of themselves as it is.” Uncle Xav sighed

“I know I’m supposed to disagree and defend my boys but he’s not wrong.” Marie said tiredly

“How old are they ? And where are they ?” Jake asked curiously

“They are a year younger , 19. And they are in the lobby playing games on their damned phones.” Uncle Xav said sighing again

“Mia , What’s Alex and Jayden’s cod-“ Marie started but mum cut her off

“Alex and Jay were taken away from us 18 years ago. That’s why James took it hard when he saw you. “ mum explained getting a bit emotional

I went over and hugged her. I felt someone else’s arms around me. Jay’s.

“It’s alright Mum. We are not going again.” Jay said soothingly

“And who might you be , young man ?” Uncle Xav asked Lev

“I’m Alex’s mate , this is my younger sister, Samantha , Jake’s mate and finally my twin brothers John and Jonathan or as we call him Jace” Lev introduced everyone

“And What might be your name ?” He said looking impressed at Lev’s cordiality

“Levstorm Reign , sir , Alpha of Dark Moon Pack.” Lev said formally

“Don’t be formal with me , my boy . Call me Xavier or Xav . Wait did you say Dark Moon Pack ?! “ he asked surprised


Just then two tall redheads accidentally bumped into Jayden and Jake knocking them to the ground. Yes they got knocked out because they are werewolves and they have super strength.

“We’re sorry !” They apologised in unison ,and then began helping Jay and Jake up.

“It’s alright.” Jayden said

“We were running and the-oh hey mama , papa. Cómo están (how are you) ?” The taller one syarted explaining and stopped short at the sight of their parents.

“Alex , Jake this is Mateo and Diego.” Marie introduced us

“Nice to meet you , primos (cousins)” I greeted them cheerfully

“Eh qué ?” They both started in surprise (what ?!)

“Matty , Diego do you remember the stories I told you about my brother ?” Uncle asked

“Si , James Black. “ Mateo the older one replied

“Well.....these are his children.” Marie explained and introduced each one of us.


“WE HAVE SISTERS!!!!” Both of them yelled

“What about us ?!” Brian demanded

“We love you too primo buuuttttt we’ve always wanted sisters !!!! And now we have not one but two.” They replied excitedly

“How old are you again ?” Jake asked


“You act like your 9.”Everyone echoed

“Hey !!” They whined again

“Can you guys stop with the twin telepathy thing , it’s creepy !” Lev requested

“It is.” Sam agreed shuddering

“Xav we are having like sort of fun night after the meeting. I think you guys should join. You are , after family. And you can get a chance to explain what happened all those years ago. That is if you are comfortable ?” Mum asked hesitantly

“Of course.”

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