Dancing flames

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Chapter 47

Lev’s POV

“Guys we still have half an hour left till the meeting. “ Alex announced checking her phone

“Ohh we should tot-no !” Sam started but stopped and stared behind me as though frozen

“Sam ? What’s the matter baby ?” Jake asked looking concerned.

She didn’t answer but kept her gaze glued towards something or someone.

“Miss me ?” A familiar voice asked

No....it couldn’t be. No no no no !!!! No please no.

As though feeling my emotions , Alex put her hand in mine and gently kissed my cheek.

Alex’s POV

“Miss me ?” Someone asked from behind. Sam was just frozen and Lev tensed up. I put my hand in his and gently kissed his cheek.

“Baby , what’s wrong ?” I whispered

“I-I...” he tried to talk but words didn’t come out of his mouth.

Whatever it was must’ve scared him considerably

I traced Sam’s gaze to two people. A beautiful looking girl in her 20s and a young man who stood beside her. The girl was the one who said ‘miss me ‘

“Hey gu- What the fuck are you doing here ?!” Cage snarled at them


I never imagined Cage being aggressive. He was usually so calm and collected.

Rose put her hand on his shoulder silently telling him to calm down.

“Oh Cage , don’t act like you didn’t miss me.” The girl smirked

“Why in the world would we miss you , Lazy ?!” Lucy scoffed

The girl’s face turned bitter “ Lacey ! How many times have I told you ! It’s Lacey !” She screamed

“Keep your voice down and don’t scream at my mate.” Henry snarled

“Look girl , I don’t know you and I don’t want to. I don’t like making a scene. My family is obviously not comfortable in your presence , so with all due respect kindly fuck off.” I said my voice neutral

“That was with all due respect ?” The boy asked

“Did anyone ask you to talk ?!” I snapped

“N-no.” He stuttered

“Then shut the fuck up. Now if I ever find you insulting or disrespecting my gamma or beta, I will not hesitate to rip off your throat.” I said coldly

Who the hell is she to insult them? Fucking bitch.

Blaze snarled and growled in my head , waiting to take control and teaching the insolent she wolf her lesson.

“How dare you ?!” The girl said furiously.” Do you not know who I am ?! I am Lacey Dent , Levstorm Reign’s mate. Daughter of Savio and Faith Dent. My fiancé is this generation’s Fire Wolf.” She said smirking

“But didn’t you say that Lev is your mate ?” Jay asked confused

Levstorm you mutt. How dare you call him Lev !” Lazy raged

“Because I told him to.” Lev snapped suddenly

“Aw baby , don’t be mad , I just didn’t like him disrespecting you.” She said flirtatiously

“Do you even know who the Elementals are ?” Jay wondered out loud

“Of course I do , my fiancé is the Fire Wolf , my sister is the Air Wolf , my cousin is the Water Wolf and my best friend is the Earth Wolf.” She snapped

“Oh really? Can your fiancé do this ?” I asked making a small flame appear. I played with it as I saw her confident demeanour change to a scared little shell of the person beneath.

“Y-you , h-how...” she stammered

“Because she’s the Fire Wolf that’s why.” Jake said smirking ,” oh and did I forget to mention that’s she my sister , actually my twin. And that I am the Earth Wolf.” He continued pouring out

He was enjoying this....

“Oh and the little girl you used to bully, is the Air Wolf.” Sam spoke up

Everyone started in surprise.

“What did you say ?!” Lev demanded angrily

“She...” Sam took a deep breath and continued” she used to bully me.”

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