Dancing flames

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Chapter 48

Lev’s POV

S-she bullied my sister ?!!!

My blood boiled at the thought of it. A ungrateful brat undermining my sister ?!


“You nasty piece of shit.” Alex snarled at her

“You !” Jake snapped at Steven

Steven whimpered at the power radiating off everyone in the corridor.

“Who the fucking hell are you ?!” Jake raged

“I-I am Lacey’s b-brother...” he stammered

“Who are you to Sam ?” Alex snapped

“H-her e-ex.”


“And your sister ?” Alex continued but I think she knew the answer.

“My ex...” I said

Lev ? Are you alright ? Alex’s voice came through the mind link

I’m fine mi amor I reassured her

“Lev baby , lets go somewhere private. I don’t like commoners.” Lacey tried looking disgusted

That’s it !!

“Watch your tone towards my mate.” I snapped at her

“M-mate ?” She asked looking confused while Alex’s lips curved into a smirk.


“You got her pregnant ?! How could you ? I am your mate !!” She screeched

“Ok I have had enough of your shit. Talk disrespectfully towards any of the people here again and I will do nothing.” Alex said calmly. “ Just set my wolf free who by the way is begging to kill you in the cruelest way possible.” She continued looking dangerously peaceful.

Alex ? Peaceful and calm ? Bad sign...

Alex was usually hot headed and that was intimidating enough but if she was calm , it means you that you should start digging your grave.....

“We’ll leave you alone.” Steven said dragging his sister along with him away from us

“You don’t need to explain now.” Alex said comfortingly

Sam had been extremely quiet all this time as Jo and Jace silently comforted her.

“We should probably get going to the meeting room.” Diego said hesitantly

“Yeah.” Mateo agreed probably trying to relieve the tension

“Sammy ? Are you ok ?” I whispered softly giving her a hug

“I hate that nickname.” She whispered back

She was joking again. Thank god

“Guys we’re here.” Jayden announced

Alex’s POV

We reached the meeting room and just before we entered , I began sensing a change in everyone’s demeanour.

Lev’s aura changed completely. From the funny , cute and flirtatious guy it transformed to a intimidating and dangerous aura. Power radiated off him. His being screamed attention and submission.

Everyone was changing their auras. Jake expression went from anger to stoic , cold and emotionless.

I didn’t know how to feel. So I went Shadow mode.

Jake’s POV

Alex’s and Jay’s expression changed completely as if they had done this kind of things before.

Honestly ?! I’m surprised. I expected them to be nervous and fidgety but they held their own. I’m really proud of them.

“Alpha Jacob Black from the Blood Moon Pack , followed by Luna Samantha and Beta Jayden Black.” We went inside as our names were announced as sat on the chairs with our pack name on it.

Alex’s POV

“Alpha Levstorm Reign from the Dark Moon Pack followed by Luna Alexandria and Beta Cage Stilson.”

I entered along with Lev in a huge ballroom like hall. It looked gorgeous and ancient. It was quite large and spacious.

“Make way for the Werewolf Council.” Came a voice

I went along with Lev to a seat where the ranking and pack name were written.

The entire hall was filled with Alphas from all around the world.

“Alright Alphas , Lunas and Betas , my name is Roger and I’m the host of the 7th generation meeting. Now listen carefully, each pack will be provided with a guide to refresh your memory about the Elemental War. The Elementals after being briefed kindly move to the room behind me , to dicuss things with the councils.”

A young man of about 25 came towards us smilingly.

“Hello my name is Shiv and I’ll be your guide.”

“Pleasure to meet you Shiv , I’m Alex.” I smiled back.

Lev growled. Poor Shiv...

“I have a mate sir.” Shiv said holding his hand up in surrender

I bit back a laugh.

“Oh.” Lev said looking surprised.” I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression but my wolf is really possessive.” He said sighing

“It’s quite alright sir.”

“Please call me Lev or Alpha is fine as well.”

“Alright Lev. So as you may be wondering , why this hall looks so old. The reason behind it is that all the meetings for The Arrival have been held here , ever since the first battle. You see 79% of India’s population consists of werewolves. Now this hotel , Taj has total of 10 buildings altogether. 7 are reserved specially for werewolves. The other 3 have human settlements. Every 3 centuries a new Elemental Wolves are born. Now this generation is the 7th generation. Do you understand till here ?”

We all nod.

“Ok moving on. This meeting. Now here we dicuss about the number of warriors and healers. Because you are not every Pack has strong warriors so they help by supplying healers and resources. That’s what this meeting is for. Do you understand?” He asked

We all nodded again.

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