Dancing flames

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Pregnancy chapter !!!

Alex’s POV

2 months before the meeting....

Sam had gone into labour and we were almost at the Pack house.

“They’re here !!” Brian cheered as we made our way to the house.

“Finally ! Jake’s a mess. He has been pacing ever since Sam’s water broke.” Will said looking exhausted

We didn’t bring the twins because they had homework and wanted to come along with their parents.

“Poor guy.” Lev said sympathetically

“What about Sam ?” I asked worry lacing in my voice

“Oh she’s alright but Jake saying “just breathe” isn’t quite helping.” Brian air quoted

“Hey baby girl.” Dad came into view , greeting me with a hug.

“He’s here !!” Jake barged in the living room

“He ? A boy ?” I asked excitedly

“Yes ! I’m a father Lex !!” Jake said tearing up

“I’m an auntie !!” Will cheered

“And we’re both uncles !!” Lev and Brian shouted together

“I want to see my nephew!!” I said hurrying towards the infirmary

I pushed the door gently and peeked inside.

Sam was on a bed with a tiny blue bundle in her arms. She was whispering sweet things and looking at the baby lovingly.

“Wow you look like shit.” Lev commented from behind


I smacked him on the head , “ She’s just given birth you dumbass.”

Sam’s POV

In my arms lay the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen. He has Jake’s hair and my eyes.

The perfect mix of us both.

“Wow you look like shit.” Lev commented from the doorway.

Well what did he expect ?

Alex smacked him on the head saying “She’s just given birth you dumbass.”

I smiled weakly.

“Would you look at that ? It hasn’t been an hour and your godparents are already fighting.” I say to my baby boy.

“We are the godparents?! “ Alex squealed

“Yes definitely !”

“What’s his name sis ?” Lev askes tenderly taking the baby from me

“Ace. Ace Dominic Black.” I say proudly as my brother softly rocks my crying baby

“Can I hold him ?” Alex asks

“Of course.”

Gently , Alex takes Ace from Lev and I see adoration shining in her eyes.

“He’s beautiful.” She utters

“He is , isn’t he ?”

Out of the corner of my eye I see Jake watching us all intensely.

“Come on over.” I call out to him

“I’m so freaking proud of you.” He says kissing my forehead gently.

“Come on brother hold your son won’t you ?” Alex said smirking.

Evil woman...

She’s knows that Jake is deathly afraid of holding a baby.

“Uh I-I” Jake started but alex cut him off by placing Ace in his hands.

“He’s so tiny !” Jake exclaimed

I rolled my eyes.

Out of all things he could say.....

“But so handsome like his father.” Jake said rocking him gently

“We’ll give you guys some space.” Alex said dragging Lev with her.

A month later.....

Everything was going on perfectly except for the fact that I was caged in my own house.

Lev didn’t let me do anything. I was on complete bed rest. Sam had been bringing Ace to give me some company.

Honestly ? He was adorable and I couldn’t wait to hold my own children in my arms

“What’s going on in your pretty head of yours ?” Lev asked taking me out of dreamland

“About our kids. I wonder how they’ll look like ? I mean I have been carrying them in my tummy for 9 months , if they look like you , I’m gonna be pissed.” I said honestly



I started laughing and then I felt water running down my leg.


“Lev I swear if you panic I will kill you.” I said slowly

“What do you mea- oh shit.” His eyes widened in realision

“Yeah my water broke.”

“You aren’t due for another week.” He said freaking out

“Yes they just decided to come early ! Now call Bella !!!” I said

“Ok um just breathe.” He said his eyes going glossy

A moment later the entire Reign family burst in.

“I’m gonna be a grandma !!”

“We are gonna be the coolest uncles ever !!!!”

“My grandchildren are coming !”

“Guys !! Focus !” Lev yelled at them

Lev’s POV


“Lev take her to the infirmary now !” My mum ordered taking control of the situation.

I slowly helped Alex as she walked slowly to the door and we made our way to the infirmary.

Once we were inside , June helped Alex change to more comfortable clothes.

“It hurts.” Alex whimpered after almost 2 hours

“I know baby. Just a few more.” I comforted her

“Why do I gotta give birth ?” She asked pouting

“Because you’re the girl love.” I said patiently

“Alright my dear. You are now ready to give birth. “ June informed her

Alex gripped my hand.

A moment later , screams of pain tang out in the room. My heart almost broke.

“Just breathe baby.” I said


I shut my mouth.

“One more push Alex. I can see your baby’s head.”

“I-i ca-can’t.” She whimpered

“Yes you can.” I encouraged her

“Congratulations Alpha , you have a healthy baby boy.” June said rocking a baby gently.”I’ll send Tess to clean him up.” Tess was her new assistant since Clary had to go with Jayden.

After giving birth to another son and a daughter....

“Where is she ?!” Jayden asked worry lacing his voice

“In here.” I called out as I held my second child , my beautiful daughter.

“So Alex what are their names ?” Mum asked as she rocked my third child

“This is Ryder Lucas Reign “ Alex said gesturing to my first son.

“Can I name our daughter ?” I asked

“Of course.”

“Cassandra Veronica Reign.” I said staring into those beautiful captivating blue eyes.

“After Nica ?” Dad asked getting teary eyed


“And this is Deacon Adonis Reign.” Alex said motioning to my third child

“Whose the oldest ?” Brian asked

“Ryder , then Cass and last Deacon.” Alex answered looking lovingly at our children

“We’ll give you guys a moment.” Mum said urging everyone out of the room

“I love you so much. And I’m so damn proud of you.” I said kissing her forehead

“Thanks. Aren’t they little beauties ? Hair like mine and your eyes.”

“Yeah. How can you love someone so much ?” I said

“I honestly don’t know. They aren’t even an hour old and I love them so much already.”

“I know.”

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