Dancing flames

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Chapter 49

Alex’s POV

“Now we go to the creepy room.” I remark

Lev looked at me and smirked.

“Is the Mighty Fire Wolf scared ?” He asked

“Oh hell no. It’s just that it’s a room that looks like you know , in horror movies ,they take the person to a scary ass room and then they are murdered.” I explained

Lev laughed.” You really are something else.”

Sam and Jake joined us.

“Please tell me I’m not the only one whose scared that the Council is gonna murder us ?” Jake asked

“I’m with you.” I said

“Don’t be such babies.” Sam said rolling her eyes

We entered a dull coloured room. It was quite tiny after the huge hall. It had sort of court like structure where the Council members sat looking at us with judging eyes.

“Announce yourselves.” The one on the highest seat thundered down in us

Beside me Lev growled at the lack of disrespect. He was after all a Alpha.

“Show some respect first.” I spat


I guess no one ever spoke back to them.

Don’t worry lex , you did the right thing.

B , I already don’t like these old goons. How the hell am I supposed to deal with them ?

Snickering Blaze answered Oh you’ll finally understand my state for the past centuries. Trust me , I don’t like them either.


“Alexandria Black ?” The woman who sat at the right side of the rude guy asked

Luna Alexandria to you.”

“Alright Luna Alexandria , I’m Elder Serene and the one to my left is Elder Rolf. Please call me Serene. Which element is yours , if I may be so bold to ask.” Serene asked politely so I answered politely

“Ok Serene since you asked respectfully “ I stressed on the word respectfully .” My element is fire and my wolf is Blaze.”

“Another girl ?!” Rolf spat

“What did you say ?!” Lev snarled

“The 5th generations were girl , because of whom we lost. How will we win this generation?!” Rolf asked his voice filled with venom

I guess he doesn’t like me much.....

“Oh my god , you are so sexist.” Jake said exasperated

“Exactly , the most powerful one of us right now is Alex and she found about her powers about 10 months ago.” Sam added

And that just added to the flame....

“She isn’t trained ?! That makes it even worse.” He roared

“How about I show you my powers then ?!” I suddenly snapped losing my patience

“Go ahead and try.” He said challenging me and moving to the centre of the room.

Alex I don’t like him. He’s an asshole. Teach him to respect his Luna.

Blaze kept snarling and snapping in my head

Oh trust me I will

I focused towards his body or rather his body heat and slowly began draining him

He stood there with a triumph look on his face. It hadn’t hit him yet.

The next moment he was on the ground writhing in pain and lack of heat.

“Not so cocky now are you ?” I taunted

“Luna ! Luna Alexandria let him go ! I think we all know what you’re capable of now ! “ Serene shouted

“Lex leave him. He’s not worth it.” A deep voice next to me called

I immediately calmed down at my mate’s voice.

“He’s unconscious.” Jake said yawning as if bored

“What do we do now ?! “ another guy spoke up

“You are ?” I asked

“My name is Elder Issac. Nice to meet you Luna Alexandria. Call me Issac if you will.”

Blaze calmed a little at the mention of her proper tittle.

“Likewise Issac and to answer your question , I’ll give his body heat again.”

Once more I focused on returning the stolen heat to the owner.

“Lev you know what to do.”

“What is he*growl* I mean Alpha Levstorm doing ?” Issac asked cautiously

“He’s applying cool pressure.” I answered readily

His mouth formed an “o” in understanding.

A few minutes passed and the jerk finally woke up.

“Good morning Rolf. Did you sleep well ?” I asked cockily

He glared at me with hate.


“Please Serene , Alex is fine.”

“Alright Alex , I wanted to ask if you could let Royal Blaze through ?”she asked cautiously

“Royal ?!” I asked confused

“Well she is the Fire Wolf so she is treated like royalty.” Serene explained

“Of course , I’ll let her through.

Blaze’s POV

Hey B , they want to talk to you.

Alright let me through

Alex let me through. I faced the Council with a defiant look.

“R-Royal B-blaze.” They trembled

“What ? “ I asked bored

“Can the other Elementals switch too ?” Issac asked cautiously so as to not anger me more

“Of course.” Sam , Lev and Jake replied and unision and closed their eyes.

They all opened their eyes which were now black indicating their wolves were in control.

Chase was by my side in a moment.

“Calm down.” He whispered in my ear

“They insulted Alex ?” I whispered back furiously

“I know but we aren’t here to fight.”

I took a deep breath before saying.” Alright let’s get to business. Who the fuck do you think you are to disagree with my choice ?! I thought I made it clear last generation that the gender does not matter. Who I choose is none of your business. Clear ?” I snap

“But Royal Blaze , the 5th generation female failed to protect us.” Rolf argued

“Let me refresh your memory in case you have forgotten , that the 6th generation male too failed to protect you.” I snarl at him

How dare he question my choice ?!

Enough everyone.” Storm interjected

“We are here to prepare for war not insult each other.” Harmony added quietly

“Last generation, how many vampires were murdered at the hands of Ian ?” Chase asked

Why the hell would he ask about vampires ?!

Oh my god B , you’re so dumb.

What do you mean Alexandria ?

I growled at her because of her lack of respect.

He probably means that if we contact the vampires , they’ll obviously help us to get revenge. You know how they hold grudges.

Wow that’s the first smart thing I’ve heard come out of your mouth.

Don’t be a bitch. Alex rolled her eyes

“Why would you care about those blood suckers ?!” Abraham asked disgust clear in his tone

“Because they can help us.” I say

“Why would they help us ?! “ Rolf asked snarkily

“Revenge , Elder Rolf. I suggest you control your mouth. Just because I talk politely doesn’t mean that I’m harmless. “ Chase said snarling

I smirked.

What are you smirking at ?! Chase raised his eyebrows at me

Nothing , I just love you.

I love you too now tell me , was it Alex who explained the vampire thing to you ? Lev is betting its Alex.

I groaned internally. Yes it was her

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