Dancing flames

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Chapter 50

Chase’s POV

I should’ve known.....

So who was it ?

Lev asked irritatingly.

He already knew....

It was Alex , happy ?!

I grumbled

Very. But listen to me , Blaze has a very bad temper and I don’t think she’ll hesitate to burn this place down. Keep an eye on her.

You dumbass. I have been with her for centuries now , I already know that. But I’ve not met a single Elder like Rolf who pisses me off.

I know. He pisses me off too. Just keep a cool head , yeah ?


“So how are we going to convince the vampires to fight alongside us ?” Serene asked

“We don’t have to. If I am not wrong , the last time the number of vampires killed was way more than werewolves. So like the revenge seeking idiots they are , they’ll join us without a second thought. And this might also improve our relationship with them.” I reasoned

“You’re not wrong there.” Blaze said thoughtfully

“There is no way in hell I’ll let that happen. I’ll die before making a deal with those.” Rolf shuddered.” Bloodsuckers

“Watch your mouth. You are talking to the Elementals not your servants.” Blaze snarled

You watch out. If I am not wrong , Luna Alexandria gave birth to triplets last months , didn’t she ? It would be such a shame if anything happened to them.” Rolf said slyly

Oh no he didn’t just say that......

“What the fuck did you say ?!” I growled at him

“Now now don’t be angr-“he started with a cunning smile

“Blaze just showed you a demo of her powers. I’ll be damned if I let her have all the spotlight, eh ?” I cut him off.” How about I show you a little bit of my power ?

“You crossed the line when it came to my nephews and niece.” Storm said

Without thinking twice I began to slowly freeze Rolf’s body while Blaze removed his body heat. Every fibre of my body was aching to end this pathetic wolf’s life and rid the world of his miserable existence.

“This is how far you’ll go ? Just to get what you want ?” Harmony asked softly.” I must say Elders , in all my generations I have never been this disappointed in the Council.” Even though her voice was soft , it sounded disgusted

“L-Luna Alexandria , Alpha Levstorm please release him. He’ll die. “ Another woman pleaded

“Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do ?!” Blaze asked tearing her gaze away from the man who lay writhing on the ground

“I-I am his mate. Please let him go.” The woman begged

“Name ?”


“Well Irene fell your mate to respect me or I swear to Moona , I’ll send him in depths of hell where he can rot for all I care.” Blaze said coldly

“Blaze just shut up and help him now will you ? It’s not her fault that she’s mated to a bastard.” Storm said rolling his eyes

Blaze looked over at me for confirmation and I slightly nodded.

Reluctantly she released him from his hell. He sat up gasping and choking for air.

“Listen here , You little scum , if I hear one word about my children come out of your filthy mouth again , I will hunt you down and make sure you wish you were never born. Clear ?!” I said my voice dangerously low


After so many centuries , you would’ve thought they learn respect.

They are so dumb , Blaze.

They can be dumb for all I care. They come near my kids and I’ll end them. Chase ? I’m scared.

What ?! Why ?!

YOU KNOW WHY !! This is the first time we’ve had kids before the war. The earlier generations , all they did was train and kill. You know that.


What if Moona takes me away from them ? They are my first Chase , I don’t want to lose them.

You won’t Blaze , we’ll fight for them

As we sat there talking and dicussing our strengths and weaknesses.

“Will the witches fight with us ?” I asked raising my eyebrow

“We will have to set up a meeting with the Vampire and Witch Councils.” Serene informed

“Alright set up a neeting with them. When will you be able to do that ?” Storm asked

“Well , how does the the next month sound ?” Issac asked


“Can we let our humans through now ? They’ve been getting a little restless.” Harmony asked quietly

“Of course.”

Hey Lev !!

I was sleeping you dumbass !

You seriously slept through the meeting ?!

It was extremely boring and you can fill me in later

Fine but it’s your turn to shine. They want us to switch back.

Ugh ! Now it’s my turn to listen to these goons. Thanks a lot Chase

No problem ! Now hurry up.

Alex’s POV

I felt Blaze give me back control and I opened my eyes. I was sitting on a deep red cushioned chair with gold ends. It had a golden flame on the top and I felt like a queen.

I looked around and saw similar throne like chairs but different colour for each element. Lev’s was deep blue , Sam’s was white and Jake’s was dark brown.

“Why are we sitting on chairs that look older than dinosaurs ?!” Sam whispered

“They may look old but they’re beautiful.” I whispered back

It was true , even though the chairs looked old they had that kind of ancient beauty.

“Luna Alexandri-“

I held up my hand to stop her.

“If you think I have forgotten your threats about my children , I assure you I have not. I am merely waiting as this is a time of war. Once the war is over , I will kill you.” I said

“Is that a threat ,Ms Black ?” Rolf asked raising his eyebrows in challenge

I laughed.” Threat ? Oh no it’s a promise.” I said without flinching

“Had you been someone else , I would’ve ripped their throat out just for thinking about it.” Lev said in a dangerously calm voice

“And the triplets are not only my nephews but my goddaughter as well.” Jake said pointedly

“So believe us when we say , you threaten any one of our kids and we’ll come for you.” Sam promised

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