Dancing flames

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Chapter 51

Alex’s POV

Phoenixes are beautiful, mythical creatures born of fire. They are reborn after burning themselves in a nest of flames.

Never in my life has I thought I’d be able to see one with my own two eyes.

In front of me , a large Phoenix made its way towards me , flying through the walls as if they never existed

Alex ! Give me the control ! Moona has sent a message.

I’ll let you through now

The urgency in her voice was unmistakable.

Blaze’s POV

Moona had never sent us a message since the first generation , if anything this was a bad sign

Royal Wolves ,

I bring sad news from the Almighty Queen of the Moon , Moona. The Rogues have attacked the Moon Realms. The goddess of Moon is in grave danger. She used the last of her strength to summon me. You must save her for she is kidnapped and going to be offered as sacrifice to The Dark Wolf. Unfortunately she hasn’t yet found her mate which makes it impossible for her to grow stronger. We were in a weak situation of which the Rogues took advantage of. They destroyed the city of Amaris where Queen Moona was resting after an exhausting battle. You must save her for without her , the werewolves will not have mates.

Yours truly,


She finished the message and perched on my shoulder.

“Anala is it really true ? Has Moona fallen ?” I asked worried for my mistress’s life

Yes Blaze , and I unfortunately am the bearer of this sad news.

“This is bad , Blaze. This is really bad.” Chase said looking uneasy

“He has Moona captive ?” Storm asked

Yes Storm.

“Anala could you train Alex till the old Elementals are here ? That could save time and make her even stronger.” I asked

Of course Blaze. If she’s willing I will train her.

Blaze can I get back the control ?

Alex ?! Yes of course.

“Guys give them the controls back will you ?” I said directing it to the Elementals


Alex’s POV

What the hell is there on my shoulder ?!

Hello Alex. My name is Anala. I will be training you till the last generation arrives. Are you willing to learn ?

The voice was beautiful. It sounded like an siren , lulling and alluring. I felt almost hypnotised by it.

Alex snap out of it.

Huh ?! Oh shit I’m sorry B but the voice is just so

Angelic ? Hypnotic ? Sweet ? I know Alex but don’t fall for it. Phoenix are creatures of fire.

Yeah I’ll snap out of it now.

“Hello Anala. Can the others hear you ?” I asked her in my mind

Not everyone. Just the Royals. You can speak out loud if you like.

“Did you hear that ?” Sam asked


“So Anala do we all have um you know different creatures for each element?” Jake asked scratching his head

Of course you do. But as I said Queen Moona used the last of her power to summon me. Had she been a little stronger she would’ve most definitely summoned your familiars.

What are familiars ?” Sam asked confused

Well Samantha , familiars are your creatures. Meaning they come from your soul. I normally only come at time of wars along with familiars to fight. However , we met under different circumstances.

“Which are our creatures?” Jake asked pointing to himself and the others

The Earth Element has always ruled over dragons of the Moon Realm. Your familiar Earth Wolf is Roan.

The Air Element has ruled over the graceful Searas , they are creatures of light and wind. Your familiar Air Wolf is Aella.

Finally the Water Element has ruled over the Mighty Aronphs , creatures of water. Known for their strength and fierce loyalty. Your familiar Water Wolf is Caspian.

“Okay. Thank you Anala.” I replied as she shifted uncomfortably

There is trouble coming. I can sense it. I will come when you call , Alex. Just call out “Anala dios comprend” (my own nonsense)

“Okay and thank you again Anala.”

It was no problem my queen.

Saying that she disappeared leaving me to wonder what she meant by “my queen”

B ? Why did Anala call me my queen ?

Because she is now your familiar, loyal to you and you only. She will fight against Moona if you just give the word.


Alex , Anala is right. I feel like something is off.

So do I but I don’t know what it is.


A voice yelled over the door.

“What’s happening?!” I ask Serene

“It seems like the rogues have attacked us.”

Fear ran through me.

But it wasn’t for me , it was for my children....

“ALRIGHT EVERYONE LISTEN UP !!” I shouted taking control of the situation

Lev’s POV

“I’ll tell them the plan. You and Sam secure the hotels.” I instruct them

“Right. Be careful guys.” Alex said before running off with Sam.

“Now I want every Alpha in this room to spilt up in two groups. One of the groups will secure the perimeter of the hotels and make sure the families are safe. The other is gonna follow me and Jake to kill the rogues. Hurry up , because The Fire Wolf is going to set a barrier soon.” I explained it as short as I could and shifted.

Everyone began shifting and dividing themselves.

“FOLLOW ME.” Jake yelled before transforming

The first group dashed outside with us on the lead while the second one spread out securing the area.

The moment we were outside , the entire hotels began to have like a circle of fire around them which grew till it reached the top.


One of the Alphas shifted along with a few looking at the hotels in remorse

I shifted too and said “ Don’t worry , it’s the barrier I was talking about.”

Most of the wolves had peeked up their ears at this.

After explaining I shifted again and began sniffing around for rogues.

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