Dancing flames

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Chapter 52

Alex’s POV

Sam and I rushed to the entrance.

“Be careful. They can be hiding here.” Sam warned before rushing off

I waited patiently for my signal so that I could raise a barrier to protect the families inside.

“Alex ?!!” A voice called out

“Huh ?! Sasha ? What are you doing here ?” I asked her. I didn’t even know she was with us on the plane.

“I have to put a cloaking spell so the humans don’t suspect anything. That’s what I have been sent to do. Mia called me and I created a portal to get here as soon as I could. Also Sam has given the signal. Raise the barrier.” She panted

I put two fingers down touching the ground. I focused the flame inside me to take form on the ground. Slowly a circle of fire ran all around the hotels creating a margin for my barrier.

As soon as the margin was completed , I raised the fire to form a dome. After making sure that it was impenetrable I looked up to search for Sasha.

She was muttering something with her hands raised. A wave of energy ran through me. I almost fell over startled.

“I’m done.” She said turning back to me.

“Wow.” She gasped in awe.” I’ve never seen such a magnificent fire barrier. Well done Alex.” She praised me


Alex ? Are you alright ?!

My mum asked me in a worried voice through the mindlink

Yes mum. I’m fine. I just set up the barrier. How are the triplets and Ace ?

They are good , don’t worry- oh my god !!

Mum ?! Mum what is it ? What’s wrong ?

The barrier is so magnificent Alex. I’m trying not to gape at it. Failing miserably.

Thanks mum. Keep an eye on the triplets will you ?

Of course

Lev’s POV

We put the best trackers in the front but it was like they had vanished into thin air.

We searched and scanned every inch of the place but nothing.

This was so frustrating...

We all ran back to hotel.

Alex ? Take the barrier down.

Lev ? Yeah sure

And could you ask the room service to bring some clothes for the other wolves ?

Yeah on it.

Thanks lex

No problem.

We al stood in front of the barrier looking at it in awe.

It truly was magnificent. It was like a semi circle dome like structure on fire. There were swirls of flames all around it making it impossible to pass.

We all watched as the barrier was brought down slowly. Behind it servers was were waiting for us with clothes.

I shifted because I could transform without needing clothes. One of the perks of being A Elemental.

I along with Jake made our way to the lobby where Alex was waiting for us.

Alex hugged me tight and I held on.

“What happened ? Nearly all the Alphas looked pissed.” She asked

“The rogues just disappeared. It’s like they vanished into thin air.” Jake said frustrated

“I have no clue how they did it. But I have a bad feeling about this. Do you think it was a diversion ?” I asked her

“And where’s Sam ?” Jake asked eagerly

“I told her to watch over the triplets and Ace.” Alex explained

“Thank god.” Jake breathed a sigh of relief

“I don’t know about the diversion thing Lev. I mean attacking when all Alphas are in one place and then disappearing. Why ? Who could they be targeting ? “ Alex asked thoughtfully

Thinking it over , I mean unless you have a death wish , why would you attack 7 hotels full of Alphas ?

Something doesn’t quite add up

I know Chase. But if they aren’t targeting us , who could they be targeting?

I don’t know Lev , I don’t know.

“Let’s just go and eat something. I’m starving.” Jake said

“Hey ! Wait for us !!” Two voices came behind us

“Did we forget someone ?” Alex asked turning around

“You guys left us ! “ the twins accused us

“We totally forgot. Sorry guys.” Jake apologised looking embarrassed

“Hey we heard something about triplets?” Diego asked smirking

“Do we have more cousins?” Mateo asked

“Oh no. Not cousins. You both are uncles.” Alex replied with a smirk of her own

Their mouth opened once or twice like a gold fish.

“Oh and I have a son too.” Jake added

“We are uncles 4 times.” They finally blurted out

We all looked them.

“How the hell do you do that ?” I asked shaking my head

“Do what ?”

Ok now it’s getting creepy......

“How do you know what the other is gonna say ?” Alex asked

“Oh that.”

“I’m out of here.”

Alex’s POV

“I’m out of here.” Lev turned and literally ran away

Jake and I stared as his figure disappeared.

A moment passed and then....

“Oh my god !! Did you see his face ?!” Diego said laughing loudly

“That was golden.” Jake agreed

“I still can’t believe he ran.” I said exasperated

“Either way , he did and it was hilarious.”Mateo snorted

“Now primo , what is your room number. We’ll come to visit our niece and nephews.” Diego asked his eyes twinkling

“201 to 211. The whole row is ours. Come anytime you want.” Jake replied

“That’s great !! Ours is 212 and 213 is mama and papa’s.” Mateo cheered

“You guys are coming tonight , right ?” I asked

They hesitated before answering.”Mi hermosa hermana ( my beautiful sister) trust me we would both love to spend more time with our newfound family. But I doubt your papa will be estatic to see us. He does hate us you know.” Diego explained

“He doesn’t hate you. He’s just upset that your father hid from him all this time. He’s hurting. Give him some time. He’ll come around. Don’t worry.” I try to cheer them up

“Well we’re starving and stinking. So we’ll go ahead and rest a bit. See you tonight.” Mateo waved us off not before kissing me on the cheek

“Take care primo.” Diego said before kissing my other cheek

“It’s not their fault. Why can’t dad make them feel welcome at least.” Jake asked me irritated

“Uncle Xav must have done something very bad then.” I reason

“Maybe. Let’s go. I really need a shower.” Jake replied looking tired


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