Dancing flames

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Chapter 53

Alex’s POV

After taking a shower , Lev was just lost in thought for about half an hour. Couldn’t really blame him though. I mean why would rogues attack-no wait- pretend to attack us and then just disappear ?

A loud cry interrupted me as I glanced over to see which of my babies was crying.

It was Cass. Again.

Seriously ?! How do babies even cry this much ? Ryder and Deacon were comparatively quiet but Cass kept crying a lot.

I went over to her crib and picked her up. I gave a quick look at her side , thankfully the boys were still sleeping. I have no idea how they manage to sleep through so much racket......

“Hey babygirl. Why are you crying ? Mama’s here. Shhh.” I rubbed small circles on her back attempting to soothe her.

She stopped crying but was still sniffling a bit.

How can such cute little creatures make the world’s loudest noise ever ?!

The triplets were redheads like me but with Lev’s eyes. All three have fair skin and a rosy tint to their cheeks which makes them look like angels. And they shared more of his features rather than mine... Hmph !

But eh. My mate’s freaking handsome so if my babies look like him , I’m not gonna complain.

“How are my two favourite girls doing ?” Lev asked kissing Cass’s forehead.

“She won’t stop sniffling and truth be told , she’s wetting my shoulder. Take her for a minute ? I’ll clean up.” I said handing her to Lev.

“Hey baby.” He cooed. She made a gurgling noise which seemed to send Lev into the seventh heaven of delight.

“Where are my boys ?” He asked

“Asleep. Try to make her sleep will you ? Otherwise we’ll be awake all night again.” I said

“Yeah. Hey Lex , have you thought about that rogue attack?” He asks while slowly rocking Cass to sleep

“For the life of me , I can’t seem to find an answer. I mean why would you attack 7 hotels full of Alphas?” I whispered frustrated

“I don’t know. Did you invite Mateo and Diego ? I know James doesn’t like them but they gotta see their nephews and niece.”

“I did. Right after you ran away.” I smirked

“Shhh.” He motioned me to stop talking as he made his way towards the crib in which the boys were sleeping. As gently as he could , he put her down with her brothers.

Let’s go outside , then we’ll talk. I really don’t want to wake them up.

Okay. We’ll go and have a snack , you must me hungry , yeah ?

Hell yeah !

We made our way outside the room and softly closed the door after us.

“Are the triplets asleep ?” Sam’s voice cut through the silence of the corridor

“Yeah , we were going to get a snack to eat. Do you wanna join us ?”I invited

“Yeah sure. I’ll go call Jake.” Saying that she took off to her room.

A minute she returned with Jake by her side.

“I’m starving and I also can’t wait to take a nice nap before doing whatever Mum has planned out for us.” Jake said in one breath

“What do you mean by that ?” I asked confused

Shaking his head , he said ,” Wow you actually have no idea how crazy Mum’s “little get together” actually get do you ?” He asked

I gulped. I didn’t like the sound of that at all....

“Hey wait up !!” Jayden called out

“Since you guys are going snacking , bring something for me and Clary. We’ve been watching your kids for a long time now.” He said panting

“Yeah sure. What’d you want ?”

“I’ll take a hamburger, no tomatoes Lex. Throw in some fries and Clary wants a vanilla shake.” He counted on his fingers like crossing off things on a grocery list

“That’s it , right ?”

“Yeah about it.”

“Alright then we’ll go now.” Saying that we waved him off and started walking towards the restaurant

The restaurant had a nice deep red colour , you know the kind that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. The tablecloths were trimmed in gold which contrasted beautifully with the red. All in all the interior was amazing.

We made our way to the nearest table and flopped down. An old lady came to get our order.

She gave us a warm smile. She reminded me so much of Nani.......

I missed her.....

“Hello dears. I’m Sonali. I’ll be your waitress for today unless you don’t want an old lady ?” She hesitated

“Of course not. You are beautiful.” I just sorta blurted it out

“Thank you so much ! What would you like to have ?” She beamed at me

“Um could you send a hamburger, 2 plates of fries , a large coke and a vanilla shake to room 205. My brother is there currently looking after some kids so he wasn’t able to call for room service.” I explained

“Room 205 ? Alright dear. I’ll have it sent right away. And what about you gentlemen and lady ?” She nodded towards the others

“Oh I’m sorry to i inter but no tomatoes on the burger please , Jayden’s allergic.” I apologised

“No problem at all.”

“I’ll have those Chicken Sliders please with dark chocolate shake.” Lev ordered

“Those hot wings sound delicious. I’ll have them. And I’ll settle for the mojito.” Jake said licking his lips

“I’ll go for the same please.” Sam

“I’ll go for the dark chocolate ice cream please with the chocolate chips. A tub please.” I ordered

Everyone looked at me as if I grew two heads.

“What ?! I like ice cream.” I defended

“It’s evening. You’re gonna get a cold.” Lev chuckled

“Nada ! I need that ice cream. I didn’t have any for the last 3 months. You know that.” I posted hoping desperately that he would give in.

“Fine.” He sighed in defeat

“Yassss.” I cheered

“You’re So childish.”Jake commented

I glared. And not just any glare the death glare.....

He gulped.” On the contary eat as much as you want.” He blurted

“If looks could kill , you’d be 6 feet under.” Sam muttered

“No shit , Sherlock.” Jake grumbled

I grinned at them.

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