Hybrid Gemma

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Over a hundred years ago there was a war. It was the biggest war the universe has ever witnessed. It was a war that literally let all hell break loose. That war became in results of the supposedly first hybrid baby. Hybrid Gemma.

Fantasy / Romance
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Prologue–The War

Over a hundred years ago there was a war. It was the biggest war the universe has ever witnessed. It was a war that literally let all hell break loose.

The typical vampires against werewolves with humans on the side as well as all other magical beings.

The war started with vampires and werewolves budding heads like always. The war intensified when a female werewolf was murdered. Viola Saint. She was a true saint as they say. Her mate was a vampire–the first werewolf and vampire mate couple–and both creatures hated it. But alas, the Moon Goddess never makes a mistake. So Viola went after her mate. Elon Crowe. Elon was a rich vampire known for being rich and very much ruthless but it was believed that when Viola approached Elon in the woods when he was all alone, he felt the matebond, that he fell for her.

The werewolves believe that it's bullshit. That he just lured her, using the matebond against her and killed her.

The vampires believe that Elon didn't do anything to Viola. And when one actually looks at it, it actually does look like the vampires are at fault.

But they're not.

Elon actually fell for Viola. It was love at first sight apparently. And for a week, they'd meet in the woods every night and no one would know. After a week of secrecy, Elon and Viola mated. And that's where the problem was. When Elon marked Viola, it looked to be like he bit her. But he was only marking what was his but the werewolves would never have understood because they were the first vampire and werewolf mate couple.

And on that fateful night, Viola fell pregnant. Her pregnancy wasn't like any other pregnancy because she was werewolf and he was vampire.

Viola's pregnancy allowed her to go unnoticed. No wolf could even smell her impurity or pregnancy. They all believed that she was still unmated. She hid ber mark surprisingly very well and after six months she had to give birth. She ran to the woods that night and found Elon waiting for her. It was said that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl but she lost a lot of blood during birth. Elon couldn't afford to lose her so her bit her countless times to revive her but nothing worked.

Elon took a precious necklace Viola always wore and his family ring, putting them around the baby's neck. They say Elon cried over Viola's body before he took the hybrid baby and ran away with her.

After that fateful night, no one ever saw Elon or his daughter ever again. Most say he blended in with the humans with his daughter, others say he gave her up for adoption and killed himself. There are so many possible solutions that can only be confirmed by either Viola's daughter or Elon himself. That is, if they're still alive.

So in the present day, I Gemma Crowe, daughter of Viola Saint and Elon Crowe am just a myth. No one can know my origin or my species because that would brew a bigger war than the last.

My parents' love–affair as most would call it–created a big war. My mother's lifeless body was found by a human who was wondering through the woods. The human called for more humans to take in the body. The humans ran a autopsy on her body and found that she was part human, part wolf. My father's vampire bites in attempt to save her gave away the wrong impression. They figured that a vampire bit her, drank her dry. And it wasn't like that because my father actually loved her. He spent the rest of his life dedicating himself to her last wish that no one knows of but him. Not even I know of the wish but I think I figured it out.

The werewolves found out about Viola Saint's supposed cause of death and declared war against the vampires. The humans knowing about both vampires and werewolves, started to hunt them down for their own sick experiments. That ultimately angered every magical creature and caused for the werewolves to hold their war and fight against the humans.

The war was inevitable. Death was all around until there came a treaty. The lands be claimed creature for creature. That way humans couldn't reach the werewolves or any other magical creature to experiment on them and the creatures couldn't or wouldn't have to kill them.

The witches, fairies and elves came together and created the most powerful spell ever made. The spell parted lands and also mended them. Seas where put between those lands and in those waters lay deadly beasts. No one could sail through those seas unless you were under the protection of either a fairy, a witch or an elf. And you can't just enter another creature's land without informing the leader or King of that specie.

Ultimately, we now live in a separated world. There's no more vampire and werewolf hybrids or any other type of hybrids for that matter. Which is why Viola's daughter is just a myth. I'm just a myth.

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