Is She Your Sweet Dream

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Chapter 10

Next morning was Sunday and Perun didn’t have to go to work. He felt great - all he could think off was that the beautiful girl fluttering before his eyes was his. He was aware that he didn't really know her - their wedding happened too fast. And he decided to get to know her.

“Malina,” he said after breakfast when she returned to her chair after working in the kitchen “I have never asked you, do you have any family?”

“I have a mother and sister” she said “they live in a village near Bedekovcina. But, I wouldn’t suggest visiting!”

“Why, honey? They are my relatives now, too.”

“Because they are not like other people”.

“What do you mean?”

“My mother is a witch, and my sister a nightmare like myself. She could sneak into your bed at night and cause you to go through everything you went with me, again. Would you like that?”

“With your sister? Is she good looking as you are?”

“If you want to, we can go to their village and you will see her. I should tell them about my getting married anyway. “

“I was interested in your opinion.”

“She looked much better than me, Perun. But she does not any more. Now I am the pretty one.”

“How come?”

“I wished for it. And God made my wish come true.”

“You must have a lot of power, then. It didn’t seem like that when I first met you!”

Malina opened her eyes frightened, but came together immediately.

“Do you have a family, Perun? Take me to Zagreb to see the city. They say it’s beautiful!”

“Great idea! I have an old mother waiting. She doesn’t know we got married, too. Do you want us to visit her?”


Perun and Malina prepared, entered their old car and went on a trip.

When they arrived in front of the building where his mother lived, he parked the car and turned around it. Then he opened the door for her. Malina gave him her hand and went out of the car. Then they went up stairs.

His mother opened the door and her face lit a pleasant smile.

“Perun” she said “I was hoping you would come. Who is this gorgeous girl?”

“Am I the gorgeous one? I’ve never seen a more pleasant lady than you, madam” Malina said with delight in her voice. The old woman melted.

“That is my wife, mother. I brought her to meet you.”

When she heard that, on the edges of the old woman’s eyes appeared tears.

“Perun, did you get married, son? I can not believe you finally did. I was so worried about you being all by yourself! Gorgeous woman you have married, the best!”

They entered the house. Inside it was clean and the old furniture was covered everywhere with hand made tablecloths. The mother brought a jar of homemade jam and treated them.

Malina grabbed her plate and ate it. “It was great” she praised her “I love jam with geranium bourbon. My mother puts it in her jam, too!”

“Yes, that’s how this jam is made” said she and turned to Perun “she is not only pretty, but nice too, Perun. It is true that good things are worth waiting!”

“I am nice, but Perun is nicer than me” answered Malina and smiled at the mother. She smiled back.

They stayed for some time, and finally said goodbye to the old woman and found themselves on the street.

“So, this is what Zagreb is like” Malina said, looking around her “it’s big, and nice. Scary, a bit.”

“It’s nice, but it can’t compare to our house beside Bedekovcina’s lakes” said Perun “that is where I want to live”.

“Me too,” said Malina. “Nowhere is nicer. But let’s go sightseeing!”

Perun nodded in approval.

She looked at him smiling.

“If two young people want to make love in Zagreb, where do they go?”

“Well, in some parking places,” said Perun. “We have a car, I can show you.”

“Let’s go!”

“They entered the car and Perun stopped it near a big building, where the ground was trampled and grew few lush, oak trees. There was a tree above their car that hid them from unwanted views.

Around them was desolate and no one was around.

“It’s great here, Perun - no one is watching. We can make love if we want!”

“But Malina, we are sightseeing. You know I can’t do anything on that question.”

“But, there is no one here? Aren’t you afraid of me? What if I try to force you?”

Malina laughed cheerfully, enjoying his reluctance.

Perun remembered when he first met her and her great strength.

“Would a nightmare do something like that?”

“If she falls in love as much as I have. I could pull your energy again, that's how I feel! Would you like that?”

Perun looked depressed.

“I don’t know, Malina. I wish I had a passion like yours!”

“But you do have, Perun, and it is only a matter of time when it comes to surface! Why won’t you just try with me? Maybe it will come out well!”

And Malina rolled down in the car and put her head on his knees.

“Malina, please believe me, I am not ready at all! It’s still in my head what she did. I know, you are not like her, but I can not show that to myself. I blow to buttermilk like a scalded cock!”

Malina kept laying on his knees, and from her black eyes started rolling tears.

“Why are you crying, Malina? Tell me, do I offend you with my impotence?”

“No, it’s not that. I can’t either tell you, because you will despise me.”

“I will not, I promise! You can tell me everything, have full trust in me!”

“Don’t you care if I love you or not?”

Perun thought.

“What you are not telling me will prove our love?”

“Oh, I don’t know anymore! I'm beginning to have thoughts too, Perun. But your pain is my pain. Let’s go back.”

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